"Fairy" is a term used in European folklore to refer to any number of mythical or supernatural beings. They are usually associated with magic. Various kinds of fairies appear through MS Paint Adventures.

In Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

Elves, traditionally considered a kind of fairy, recur through Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth. Like many traditional fairies, they appear to commandMspa icon.png some kind of magic.

In Homestuck[edit | edit source]

Many creatures named after types of fairies appear in Homestuck. Imps and ogres are both sometimes considered to be kinds of fairy. In addition to being named after sprites in computing, a Sprite is also the name of a fairy.

Leprechauns are another traditional variant of fairy. Karkat insinuates that an ELFHS.svg wearing a bright green suit could be found in the Alternian wilderness or in its folklore, which would bear a striking similarity to the appearance of Homestuck's known leprechauns. Caliborn does at one point begin referring to his leprechauns as ELVESHS.svg; Andrew Hussie dismisses this comparison, but points out that some baloneyscholars call them gnomes instead. Aranea corroborates this, stating that there is some dispute among scholars as to whether [leprechauns] are actually a 8reed of gnome.HS.svg Jane believes that a pointed hat (much like those originally worn by Caliborn's leprechauns, as well as by the elves of Jailbreak and PS) might make her look like a gnomeHS.svg. BARK GNOMESHS.svg are another creature that may be believed to live in Alternian treetops.

Tavros Nitram's lusus, which also possesses insect wings, is part of a species referred to as a FAIRY BULLHS.svg, and is named Tinkerbull for the classic fairy character Tinkerbell. A Fiduspawn theme song ♫ mentions fairies and sprites, indicating that fiduspawn might also be considered fairies, or that fairies factor into the gameplay or story of Fiduspawn in some other way.

Fairies are among the magical creatures Hussie evokesHS.svg when trying to convince himself magic is real, alongside dragons and cherubs.

Trolls[edit | edit source]

Various 'fairy'-related posters on Tavros Nitram's hive walls.

Trolls themselves have also been called a kind of fairy, which may be the reason behind their growth of insectlike wings upon reaching the god tiers. Trolls with these kinds of wings, referred to as fairies and resembling the more common depictions of fairies in modern popular culture (with skin greyed and orange horns added to their heads) are depicted in posters on the walls of Tavros' respiteblock, who believes in them even though they aren't realHS.svg. Trolls who have attained their god tier wings are oftenHS.svg referredHS.svg toHS.svg asHS.svg fairiesHS.svg. The kids frequently referred to their troll correspondents as fairy god trollsHS.svg, perhaps referencing this dual nature as both 'fairies' and 'gods'.

Tavros' ancestor the Summoner (and his Beforan counterpart) also possessed a pair of wings despite never reaching the god tiers. It is possible the Summoner went on to inspire the fairyesque Pupa PanHS.svg character, who like the Summoner dealt with a cruel villain with a missing arm and a missing eye.

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