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The fan is an object in Problem Sleuth. It has, at different times, been an inventory item and a component for weird puzzle shit. It is initially found in Pickle Inspector's office.

The purpose of the fan is to blow Pickle Inspector's safe door closed, since he lacks the Vim to do it himself. PI has known to become homoerotically interested in his fan, and has even received divine guidance concerning it.

Fan CordEdit

At one point in the story PI places his fan through the activated Jacuzzi, causing it to appear in the Imaginary City Streets and land on the bottom half of the Candy Mecha. The Mecha blasted off, carrying the now-enormous fan to Whore Island. Its plug crashed through the roof of the Sleazy Brothel in the Sky.

Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad decided that activating the giant fan is of the utmost importance, and embarked on a fantastic whore-filled adventure to alter the plug's aspect and scale enough so it could couple with a standard-sized outlet in Madame Murel's Studio. They even went through the trouble of defeating Madame Murel in personal combat in order to give it power.

Godhead Pickle Inspector used the fan cord to sew the imaginary universe back together after Demonhead Mobster Kingpin tore it in half. It would therefore take billions and billions of years for electricity to run from its power source on Whore Island, traverse the entire universe twice, and finally reach the fan, turning it on.

Due to a black hole and some weird science, the fan actually succeeded in turning on. Surprisingly, Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad's quest to supply the fan with power resulted in the accomplishment of a critical move, pushing the precious Snoop bust off the Candy Mecha, and causing it to fall through the Labrynthine Sudocube Comprehsensile, which in turn led the bust to be sucked into the black hole and deal damage to DMK's fetal seedpod.

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