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Fancy Santas are small figurines in Problem Sleuth and Homestuck. They are like normal Santas, but they are filled with self-righteous bullshit, usually looking like Borkum Riff that descended from heaven, hanging around forest animals with a sack full of toys that no animal is going to be able to play with, holding a list out to no one in particular, or generally just looking like a total pompous smartass. Fancy Santas give off the image that Santa himself is Jesus and that Christmas is all the more better now that we have this fat holy guy hanging out in the woods acting like some druid bum who wipes his ass with leaves and pine cones. This is totally unlike his modern, red suited counterpart, who has a ton of Elves and makes toys and actually does some work once a year.

In Problem Sleuth[]

In Problem Sleuth, Fancy Santas are akin to pumpkins in that one is usually quite sure that there has never nor will there ever be one of them in a room at a time.

Nervous Broad can use Fancy Santas to calm her nerves. Furthermore, a Fancy Santa is part of the Weapon/Object Duality in Death's Scythe.

In Homestuck[]

Zilly Santa.png

According to the back of John's strife deck, a Fancy Santa can be allocated to a strife specibus. This is confirmed when Dirk employs the FNCYSNTAKIND specibus. He mentions that it is "a straightup shits and giggles specibus". He also thinks it's extremely difficult to extract any damage from it from how fragile the figurines are, but he could probably figure it out. It presumably could be useful by flinging it out of the sylladex much akin to a bullet.

Driven by the eccentric passions of Trickster Mode, all four post-scratch human players alchemize several Zilly Santas, in which ordinary Fancy Santas are combined with the legendary weapons of Cherubim Folklore. Andrew Hussie says that it is the deadliest kind of all. It has been used to successfully parry a blow by Crowbar's crowbar in Collide as Lord Jack fought Dirk.

In Hiveswap Friendship Simulator (Dubiously Canon)[]

A Fancy Santa is mentioned to be part of an art project created by the player in Charun Krojib's hive.

In Paradox Space (Dubiously Canon)[]