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A fantroll or fan troll is a troll character created by a member of the Homestuck fandom. Though Andrew Hussie once joked that all fantrolls were canon, three fantrolls in particular have been awarded this distinction.

The $10,000 donation reward for the Hiveswap Kickstarter was to have the donator's fantroll appear in Homestuck. Mierfa Durgas and Nektan Whelan appeared on page 5966HS.svg (a page included in Homestuck's Adventure MapMspa icon.png under Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 5). However, because the $100,000 tier was never reached, neither of these characters were guaranteed to survive longer than a single page, and indeed were destroyed by Caliborn and Calliope's father in the very next panel - presumably placing them in Universe C. The $1,000,000 donation tier apparently would have made the donator's fantroll "the most important character in Homestuck".

A March 26, 2015 Kickstarter update included 3D art assets depicting Nektan and Mierfa; however as of the game's switch to 2D graphics and the release of Hiveswap: Act 2 the two are yet to appear in the game in any capacity. Instead, on January 10th of 2018 What Pumpkin announced a Hiveswap comic competition, whose winner's fantroll would appear in the game. Liquid T. was the winner of the competition, and his fantroll Idarat Catlaz appears in Act 2's train station.

Mierfa's design was slightly tweaked from her creator's design for her appearance in the comic; her sign, based on Denis Moskowitz and Alec Finlay's symbol for the constellation Perseus, has only two arms instead of four, and though stated to be cerulean by her creator, is depicted as between cerulean and indigo by Hussie (with Mierfa's Hiveswap concept art also listing her as I for indigo rather than BL for blue). Idarat's creator originally envisioned him as a limeblood with the sign Canrist; in Hiveswap he is instead depicted as a tealblood with the sign Librist (having the same lunar sway and aspect bind as Canrist), though makes some indications that his blood may not be exactly as it seems.[1]

Neither Mierfa nor Nektan's symbols appear on the extended zodiac.

In other media[]

Mierfa and Nektan "cameo" in the Paradox Space strip Summerteen Romance, where "Sweet Jeff and Hella Bro" use their likenesses as disguises PXS icon.png.


  1. oh! you mean you're colorblind? / i guess. so what? / is it a mutation? / there is nothing abnormal about my blood. Hiveswap: Act 2. November 25th, 2020.
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