Tavros Nitram prepares to play a game of Flarp.

Flarp, often stylised as FLARP, is an Extreme Role Playing game played by Alternian trolls. The name is derived from the real-world term LARP, short for Live Action Role-Play, combined with the onomatopoeia for the sound bats make, 'flap'.

The game Edit

A Flarp campaign begins, or is 'hatchedSburb Logo', when the game's grub is 'activatedSburb Logo' lays the series of eggs which will hatch into the game's Gaming Flapstractions - pixelated creatures similar in form to bats. The Flapstractions contain all the data and procedures required for the campaign to take place, and immediately after hatching they disperse themselves throughout the game areaSburb Logo on this pre-programmed data as well as live instructions from the opposite team's Clouder (filling a role similar to that of a Dungeon Master in real-world role playing games).

The role of at least one Flapstraction is to bond itself to the player and become a Stat BatSburb Logo, which keeps track of that player's vital statistics and projects them holographically as visible gauges above the player. Other Flapstractions serve the role of projecting the game's enemiesSburb Logo, and, likely through live instruction on the Clouder's part, are capable of projecting the image of trolls long-distanceSburb Logo.

Classes Edit

In Homestuck Edit

Spy games, intrigue and rebellion expansion Edit

  • The unnamed espionage-themed Flarp expansion introduced in Hiveswap introduces an Espiacrooner class, which apparently is a stealth- and singing-oriented class difficult to play at all levels. Its name is derived from the words 'espionage,' as in spying, and 'crooner,' as in a male singer of sentimental, soft music.

Specific games Edit

Team Charge v. Team Scourge Edit

In Homestuck, some time prior to the events of Hivebent, the trolls played the game in two teams: Team Charge and Team Scourge.

Team Charge Team Scourge
Tavros Nitram, adiosToreador Vriska Serket, arachnidsGrip (Clouder)
Aradia Megido, apocalypseArisen (Clouder) Terezi Pyrope, gallowsCalibrator

During a session, Aradia was distracted while Tavros' paralyzing accident occurred, and subsequently felt guilty about not being able to help. She attempted to take revenge against the person responsible, Vriska Serket. She did this by summoning the spirits of the deadSburb Logo to haunt Vriska. Upon the urging of Doc Scratch, Vriska elected to strike back. Vriska took control of Sollux Captor, made him fly to Aradia's hive and eat Mind Honey. The resultant eye blasts levelled Aradia's hive and killed both Aradia and her lusus.

Afterwards, Vriska continues to play Flarp many more times with other trolls, whereas the two other survivors of this fateful game renounce extreme roleplaying. Vriska continues because it is the best way to feedSburb Logo herSburb Logo lususSburb Logo. It is very unlikelySburb Logo that Equius played this game, and very likelySburb Logo that he also forbade Nepeta from joining for the above reason. Eridan Ampora was also a proficient Flarper, amassing a large stockpile of treasure and weaponry from his victories in the game.

Team Charge Debacle Edit

The Team Charge Debacle is a series of events, originally thought of as a singular accidental event, that occurred due to the Team Charge v. Team Scourge session of Flarp. It started with Vriska crippling Tavros, and continued through a vicious cycle of revenge.

During one FLARP session, Vriska, Tavros' clouder, set up an extremely difficult session for him, trapping him between a cliff and some unreasonably overpowered enemies. Realizing that there was no possible way to win, he tried asking Aradia and Terezi for help. Neither responded, as they were distracted by Doc Scratch. Helpless, Tavros refused to perform an action (like rolling or attacking), instead opting to surrender and quit the game altogether. In response, Vriska intervened and used her powers to force Tavros to jump off the cliffSburb Logo. Tavros survived, but permanently lost the use of his legs.

As an act of protest, Aradia and Terezi severed ties with Vriska. Aradia was racked with guilt over her inability to help Tavros. Terezi advised her to not take action, and volunteered to handle it herself. Despite Terezi's warnings, Aradia decided to take revenge, with the encouragement of the voices of the dead. She summoned the ghosts of Vriska's previous victims, and unleashed them on her.

As Vriska was overwhelmed by the ghosts, she received a message from Doc Scratch, who suggested that she kill Aradia as revenge for the ghostly haunting. After arguing with him briefly, Vriska manipulated Sollux Captor into consuming mind honey and killing Aradia with his psionics, an act made particularly cruel by the implication of a romantic relationship between the two. In response to this, Terezi tricked Vriska by contacting her and forewarning her of her plan to exact revenge, suggesting that Vriska consult her Magic Cue Ball to confirm the seriousness of Terezi's threat. Immediately afterwards, with Sollux's help, she contacted Doc Scratch and told him that Vriska was using one of his valued objects, (the Magic Cue Ball), to cheat in the game that they were playing together. In anger, he blew up the Cue Ball in Vriska's face, causing her to lose her arm and her vision eightfold.

Vriska retaliated immediately by using her mind powers in a Psychic Double Reach-Around. She began by gaining mind control over Tavros, and used his powers of psychic animal communion to control Terezi's Lusus, which guided her while she slept. She then used the lusus' influence over Terezi to persuade her to walk into the middle of the forest during a bright Alternian day and open her eyes and stare into the blistering Alternian sun, blinding her. This event also caused Terezi's dream self to wake up on Prospit and stare into Skaia, blinding her as well. This was likely inspired by Mindfang's idea of using the Summoner to tame PyralspiteSburb Logo.

After this final exchange, Vriska and Terezi eventually established a truce, ceasing this cycle of revenge. In a later conversationSburb Logo with Terezi, Karkat mentions that Vriska had been nowhere near her at the time—since Vriska cannot control Terezi, he is baffled as to how she managed to blind her.

Eventually, once the trolls have entered the Medium, Aradia receives her Soulbot from Equius, and regains a physical form and stronger emotions. She travels to the Land of Maps and Treasure to confront Vriska. Thanks to her new robotic strength, she beats her to near death and leaves her to bleed out with Tavros nearby. Unconscious, Vriska wakes up on Prospit, only to be greeted by Terezi, who completes the karmic cycle with a slap to her face. Directly after, her dream self manipulates Tavros, but only into writing himself messages in her blood (she does not take full control of his mind). She tells him to take her to her quest cocoon and kill her quickly, which he fails to have the cojones to do. She dies slowly within the cocoon and ascends to god tier.

As revenge for her slow and painful death, she later fights TavrosSburb Logo on the meteor, stabbing him through the chest with his own lance and letting him fall off a cliff, where he lands next to Terezi.

Xefros and Dammek's Flarp campaign(s) Edit

Dammek and Xefros Tritoh have partaken in at least one game of Flarp in the past. Dammek was a fan of an expansion revolving around espionage and rebellion, basing his own underground rebellion on the system and encouraging Xefros to obtain his own copy of the expansion's rulebook from Scythian.

Xefros had intended his Flarp character to be in a band like himself, but apparently never went through with it. It would also appear that Dammek either intended to or actually did have two Flarp characters, rather than the standard one.


Part of Doc Scratch's genetic code was contained in the Flarp rulebooks, written by the members of Team Charge and Team Scourge, each immediately after their "accidents". Each part of the code was written in the color of the bat on their rulebooks.

Tavros wrote t1CK (GCAT) with the insides of a Host Plush, via remotely controllingSburb Logo HorsaroniSburb Logo to do so. Aradia wrote t0ck (GCAT) with the soot of her ruined hive, highlighting a binary theme in the code. Aradia also mentions that "Tick" and "Tock" are the persisting sounds said to accompany the ultimate demise of the tyrant less an arm and an eye, referring to the Pupa Pan mythology, which could additionally connect to Jack Noir, his alternate universe counterpart Spades Slick, or, arguably, Vriska Serket. Vriska wrote 8r8k (or 8rk, GCA), using her own blood after her Magic Cue Ball exploded in her face. Terezi wrote H34DS (TGCAT) with red chalk. Curiously, she doesn't seem to notice this after her dream self wakes up as her room is shown free from her code when she is first introduced to the reader, though she might simply have removedSburb Logo it at some point. Aradia mentions that the scale was tipped between sisters, an interesting choice of words since Libra is the scale. The meaning of the phrase "Break Heads" is anyone's guess, though one possible interpretation is Doc Scratch's desire to die, fulfilled by breaking his cue ball head. Another possible interpretation may be that the term 8r8k H34DS is referring to the Break shot at the beginning of the a game of pool, and may be an analogy on how both in pool and in Homestuck, important events are set in motion by a break.

FLARP manuals

The four rulebooks.

However, the majority of the code was written by the Gamzee from the doomed Aradia's timeline, on the walls with his Sopor Slime, and in Karkat's ~ATH book, with the blood of the other ten trolls. He used eight letters, honk HONK (GCATGCAT). The four rulebooks and the ~ATH book were stolen by Agents, and combined with Vriska's Magic Cue Ball and Lil Cal by the Black Queen to create Doc Scratch.

The entire code, t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK, while serving as the code to create Scratch, was also a hidden message which detailed the riseSburb Logo of Lord English. The t1ck t0ck referred to Scratch's clock ticking down to the moment. 8r8k H34DS correctly refers to Scratch's head breaking open, revealing Lord English's head. Finally, the honk HONK refers to English unleashing the Vast Honk, where one honk was extremely loud, and the second even more so.


  • HereSburb Logo and hereSburb Logo, Doc Scratch becomes enraged, and with his scrapbook he hits Spades Slick twice; once saying [BREAK.], and a second time saying [HEADS.]; an obvious reference to the 8r8k H34DS code.
  • Team Charge is composed of the two lowest caste lowbloods, and Team Scourge is composed of the two lowest caste highbloods.
    • This causes the teams playing to consist from zodiac opposites; Taurus being Scorpio's opposite, and Aries being Libra's opposite. This also causes the four classical elements being in the team. (Aries = Fire; Taurus = Earth; Libra = Air; Scorpio = Water)
  • Terezi's signature red shades are originally fromSburb Logo her Redglare Flarp outfit.
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