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Flshlghtkind is presumed to be Joey Claire's Strife Specibus. In Hiveswap, Joey's Strife weapon is her characteristic flashlight. Although in game this is primarily accessed both in and out of combat by means of the Flashlight Abilitech, as a primary strife weapon it is also presumably added to her Strife Deck, and indeed this may be from where the Abilitech is derived. This would presuppose the existence of an accompanying Kind Abstratus for flashlight-type weaponry.

While Joey also uses her ballet and tap shoes for various purposes in combat, only her flashlight is described as being her "weapon", and she specifically retrieves it to be used for this purpose.

The name "flshlghtkind" is not confirmed canonically, but it is used here as the closest fit for the canonical naming scheme, given that the names of Kind Abstrata are shortened such that they do not exceed twelve characters, generally by omitting vowels.

Joey's Flashlight[]

Joey's main weapon in Hiveswap is her flashlight. She refers to it as her "old weapon", suggesting that she has not been using for some time, but retrieves it when Half-Harley Manor is attacked by monsters. Initially, it is not powered as Jude has filled the battery compartment with pogs, but she is able to power it after she retrieves the D-cell batteries from the radio in the kitchen.