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For the subplot, see Plight of the four kingdoms.

A map of the four kingdoms found in the control room.

The four kingdoms, laterMspa icon.png the League of Kingdoms, reside on the other side of the imaginary universe in Problem Sleuth. It appears to be a complex land ruled by four different creatures; weasels, elves, hogs, and clowns, that all have unstoppable desires to do something that the other creatures dislike. This is known as the plight of the four kingdoms and is part of the weird puzzle shit that the entire story goes through as Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick, Pickle Inspector, and Mobster Kingpin must complete their Quest of Spirit to gain a boon. Each kingdom does something irrevocable to another kingdom, causing much political strife that Problem Sleuth is eventually made to address. When Problem Sleuth completes his divine mission through cheating, he creates a Treaty and gives it to the Weasel King to see through Adobe TreatyViewer.

Now that the four kingdoms are united, Problem Sleuth can use the boon granted to him to summon the Four Heroes to assist in the battle against DMK.

At the end of Homestuck, four kingdoms are created by the remaining kids. They are Troll Kingdom, Human Kingdom, Carapacian Kingdom and Consort Kingdom.