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Frogs are animals that are extremely important to Sburb. A giant frog, Bilious Slick, is depicted at the top of the Frog Temple, and many others are depicted in hieroglyphics in ruins. In [S] Jade: EnterHS.svg a picture of a frog can be seen on the platform that holds the "exit door" of the troll's session. Frogs are implied to be present on every planet with life. They are considered contraband by Dersites, but sacred to other incipisphere inhabitants.

Early in Act 1, a crude drawing of a captchalogue card with what appears to be a frog on it is seen inHS.svg Dad's study.

John was able to find a green frog on the surface of LOWAS. Vriska expressed surprise at how early in the game he found it. Davesprite was also able to find a red frog in his timeline.

All normal Sburb sessions contain a Land of X and Frogs, belonging to the designated frog breeder, and thus, the player with the Forge in their land. Kanaya tells Jade that part of her mission as the Space Player will be "breeding duties" in order to produce something. Jade at first thinks that she is repopulating the Earth with humans, but Kanaya tells her that she is breeding frogs; with the objective of creating the "Genesis Frog".

In order to breed frogs, the designated frog breeder must use the Ectobiology Apparatus to create paradox slime of frogs. They then have to go hunt down the same frogs that were cloned and interact with them in some way. This causes them to appear as slime when appearified by the player in the past, in order to prevent the time paradox that would ensue from the frog not being there in the future when the player goes to hunt it, in order to cause the appearifier to appearify the sludge instead of the real thing to prevent a paradox, which will only happen because of its paradox-prevention mechanism in the first place. Somehow creating a paradoxical reverse temporal unparadox without using any time travel.

Jack hates frogs

This is done in order to give the frogs time to mature while the player is out hunting them. Ideally the player is supposed to create the clone with some sort of mutation to prevent it from returning to the past and becoming a successful paradox clone. These mutations may also be necessary for breeding. The objective is to create the Genesis Frog, which will somehow become the universe the players create if successful.

The frogs seem to have a secondary purpose as an alchemization component for high-level weapons. Dave eventually combines his frog with the Caledscratch, which results in the Scarlet Ribbitar, which he did not have the funds to create until late in his adventure.

As a rule, Dersites hate frogs, so Aradia Megido prototyped her kernelsprite with a head from the Blue Frog Temple to cause the Black Queen to remove her ring, resulting in her being dethroned and eventually exiled.