The Furry Fandom is a subculture involving interest in anthropomorphic animals, animals with human features, or vice-versa. The various aspects of Furry can be as simple as adding little perks to a mostly normal human, such as ears and a tail, or it can extend to covering the character with mostly animal traits, such as a talking quadrupedal animal, like those seen in animated movies such as The Lion King or The Fox and The Hound.

In HomestuckEdit

Jade is into the fandom and has decorated her room with various anthropomorphic and animal-related knick-knacks: plushies of various species, posters, and a picture of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as furries, apparently a gift from Dave. Dave also invents a fursona called Akwete PurrmuskSburb Logo while trying to reach a sleeping Jade (he evidently reuses this in a conversation (unseen) with NepetaSburb Logo). 

One example of Jade's belongings is her collection of Manthro Chaps. These toys merge features of a man, with various species of animals. Each Manthro Chap comes with a number of accessories, including articles of formal attire, a vaccination kit, and a dishwasher-safe slop trough.

Jade's interest seems to be focused mainly on the subject of humans with animal aspects (the description of which mirrors an eerily prophetic dream from years in the futureSburb Logo) and the merchandise of the fandom, rather than anything further. Some people in the fandom enjoy dressing up as furries in sports mascot style costumes colloquially known as 'fursuits.' Others, like Jade, don't dress up and might find the practice odd or even distasteful (ironically, she later becomes a real furry when she ascends to god dog tier as her Becquerel-prototyped dream self). Jade says that despite her interests in anthropomorphic fauna 'it has never occurred [to her] to dress as one' and that the practice 'just seems ridiculous'. However, she might participate in writing furry fiction. Jade has been seen browsingSburb Logo the real-world furry art community Fur Affinity, specifically the gallery of real user VampirePrincess007, who specialized in highly detailed paintings of dragons before she deleted her gallery and quietly left the site at some point in late 2010 - early 2011 (though her art can still be viewed at her deviantArt account). In addition, some of the pictures in her room are slightly modified versions of pictures from Fur Affinity; the one on the right of the above image is based directly on the image "Skimike's Miya" by FA user Tsampikos.

Jade has apparently been giving consorts funny namesSburb Logo. One of the names she had given was "yiffyiff". "Yiff" is a term commonly used for furries and is associated with sexual acts between them.

She later on plays a Ghostbusters II MMORPG with John in which she makes her "Ghostbuster" have a fox furry head.

In HivebentEdit

Both Terezi Pyrope and Nepeta Leijon have shown interest in furry roleplaying. Terezi is mainly interested in dragons, often called 'scalies' in the fandom (a reference to scales), while Nepeta is interested in felines. Equius Zahhak also has, unsurprisingly, an interest in the furry fandom, as the walls of his room are covered in furry pornSburb Logo - mostly of horses and "boytaurs" ("musclebeasts"), matching his Trollian handle, "centaursTesticle". These drawings are considered fine art on Alternia.


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