Banished Quasiroyal

The Banished Quasiroyal, exiled to Alternia, sweeps in the future, but not many....

Alternia in the future after the Reckoning and Vast Glub wiped out troll civilization, leaving the Condesce 612 sweeps awaySburb Logo. It was repopulated by exiles, including the future Midnight Crew and the Banished QuasiroyalSburb Logo (the future Snowman). Eventually, 612 sweeps after the Reckoning, it is destroyed, along with the rest of the trolls' universe, as a result of Snowman's death.


Midnight CityEdit

Midnight CityPXS icon is a city created bySburb Logo Spades Slick and the rest of the Midnight Crew following their exile. Slick claims primary responsibility for the city, stating "[he] made this town what it is," and this is confirmed when Die temporarily removesSburb Logo him from the timeline, and the city reverts to a rocky, purple desert.Sburb Logo The city is home to several casinos, including one of Spades Slick's favorites, which was knocked overSburb Logo by the Felt just prior to the intermission, and possesses at least one grocery store.Sburb Logo

The Felt MansionEdit

Lord English's Mansion

Lord English's mansion, located on the outskirts of Midnight City

A mansion belonging to Lord EnglishSburb Logo, built over a command stationSburb Logo in the outskirts of Midnight City.

The Exiles' Bases Edit

Main article: Trolls' Bases

The Green Moon Edit

Main article: Alternia's Moons

Felt CityEdit

Slick thrown out of apartment

Doc Scratch's tower and the Felt City, with Alternia and its pink moon in the background.

A green city on Alternia's green moon.Sburb Logo

Doc Scratch's Tower Edit

A green tower in Felt City with a large white sphere on top. Doc Scratch's apartmentSburb Logo and the young Handmaid's roomSburb Logo are located on the top floorSburb Logo. The Handmaid's room contains a fenestrated wall leading to Hussie's study.


  • Doc Scratch refers to a "city of slain exiles"Sburb Logo when describing what the Condesce would find in post-apocalyptic Alternia. it's not clear if this refers to the town on Alternia's surface or the city on the green moon.
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