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Years in the future...

...but not many.

Future pre-scratch Earth is the initial incarnation of Earth, set in 2422, 413 years after the Beta Kids enter their session and human civilisation is destroyed as a result of The Reckoning, as well as the blast produced by Becsprite aiding Jade entering her session.

The planet is inhabited primarily by carapacian exiles, most of whom arrived on the planet due to The Reckoning. While only those who are relevant to Homestuck are shown, it is implied that the exiles of other sessions are also present.

This Earth, as with the entirety of its Universe, is destroyed during Cascade due to Jack Noir's superpowered Red Miles.


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Following The Reckoning on the 14th of April 2009, Earth's human population was wiped out. The meteors brought to Earth during the event would act as seeds to spawn Command Stations across the planet. Those relevant to Homestuck would be the Helipod Base spawned by John's meteor, the Skyship Base spawned by Rose's meteor, the bifurcated Eggy-Looking Base spawned by Dave's meteor, and the broken and scattered Bec Head Base spawned by Jade's destroyed meteor.

A broader view of the future.

In the year 2422, the Wayward Vagabond, a carapacian from the kids' session, discovers the buried skyship base at what was once the site of Rose's house and uses its Computer Terminal to send messages into John's mind. After accidentally setting off a mysterious timer, the skyship base launches from its bottle-shaped home and flies towards the Frog Temple at what used to be Jade's island. Over the 413 years since John's meteor crashed, a large white tree formed in its crater. From it grew the helipod base, which the Peregrine Mendicant would find and fly towards the Frog Temple. Part of the base was destroyed after Becsprite percieved PM's messages to Jade and caused the helipod base's terminal to explode, percieving PM as a threat.

Both PM and WV find the Aimless Renegade guarding the Frog Temple. Using munitions left behind by the Harleys, AR attacks the other exiles, and the ensing scuffle further destroys the ruins of the Frog Temple. The three eventually make friends.

Exile Town

Some time later, a hovering egg-shaped ship appears in the air above the exiles, falls to the ground, and reveals the fourth exile, the Windswept Questant. WQ, after familiarizing herself with the three other exiles, crowns PM as the new Prospitian Monarch and takes on the position of her adviser.

When the White Queen uses a special key on a hidden control panel, she triggers the many pieces of the fourth and final station floating in Earth's orbit to recombine into the Bec Head Base, which lands atop the beheaded idol of the Frog Temple.

WQ, now serving as PM's adviser, explains to her that AR must destroy the four stations with Grandpa's explosives, and tells her about the Writ Keeper, who has been waiting inside the Lotus Time Capsule in the depths of the Frog Temple.

WV pulls PM aside and shows her the White Queen's Ring, which he had been hiding inside his spear the entire time. Meanwhile, AR begins rigging the bases with explosives, and WQ waits outside the Lotus Time Capsule for WK. At some point, WV returns to his base. However, the station's power goes out and traps him inside.


Immediately after WK emerges from the Time Capsule, Jack Noir appears, having also used the Time Capsule to escape the scratch. He then kills both WQ and WK. AR notices Jack Noir and sets off most of the explosives, destroying almost every base. However, he hesitates to destroy WV's base, because WV is trapped inside. Jack Noir then kills AR to prevent him from destroying the last base. At this point, Noir notices the Red Miles which are destroying the Human Universe, and decides to make an escape. In the process, he also seriously wounds WV by violently reaching inside him and pulling out the Uranium inside his stomach. Noir uses the Uranium to power the station, and uses a machine within it to travel to the Troll's Incipisphere. This explains how Noir made his way to the Trolls' session, and why his hand was covered in blood when he appeared. Hours later, from Noir's perspective, he attacks the frog which houses the Human Universe with Red Miles.

In the aftermath of Noir's rampage, PM puts on the Queen's Ring and transforms into a white version of Noir. She then picks up WV's body and takes him and Serenity with her into the Troll's Incipisphere to chase Noir, leaving Earth behind forever.

Connections to the Past[]


The Exiles are former Dersites and Prospitians, sent to Earth during The Reckoning. They are former citizens of the two kingdoms of the Incipisphere who are sent to the dead Earth to revive civilization and guide the players via terminals. Each base houses a terminal which can send messages to the client of the player who lived in the original location of the base. (For example, WV found a base at the location of Rose's house, and it contained a terminal which could message John Egbert.)

It is also shown that the exiles are able to affect the past using equipment in their bases. For example, Wayward Vagabond is to appearify items from the past, such as a pumpkin from Jade's house.

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