The Gambit Schema is a special transforming maneuver, which can be activated by carving the necessary pattern into the Schema Pumpkin. It increases a character's power, and changes their stats of Vim, Pulchritude, and Imagination and introduces Speed, Defense, Flicker, and Ripeness.

Flicker: This meter represents how much damage the character could take while in their Gambit Schema.

Ripeness: This meter represents how rotten the Schema Pumpkin is and thus how much time remains of that characters Gambit Schema until it expires.

Known Schema include:

  • Problem Sleuth's Candy Corn Vampire: Grants incredible Vampire Fastness.
  • Pickle Inspector's Tootsie Roll Frankenstein: Grants massive strength, but also gives preposterously terrible Frankenstein Slowness.
  • Zombie Ace Dick's Gummy Worm Zombie: Improves upon an already insurmountable defense. It's too bad Zombie Ace Dick isn't capable of much else other than biting things.
  • Fiesta Ace Dick's Hot Tamale Chupacabra: While it wasn't in the main comic, there is a donation-funded image of this Gambit Schema in the unlockables list.
  • Problem Sleuth's Candy Corn Tiger with a :3 Face: This is another donation-funded Gambit Schema. It is the 4th unlocked item on the unlockables list.
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