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From the reader's point of view, Gamzee's story in The Homestuck Epilogues: Candy picks up from where his Canon biography ended. His story in The Homestuck Epilogues: Meat begins when John interrupts him bringing Aranea back to life.HS

Gamzee appears alongside Aranea when John zaps backHS to knock her outMeat and steal the Ring of Life. John then decides to shove him back into the fridge.

He later appearsMeat alongside Caliborn and Lil Seb when the eight kids arrive to fight himHS, apparently contributing little to the ensuing fight save for stray honksMeat from the sidelines. Eventually, he is cut in half and sucked into Lil Cal along with Arquiusprite and Caliborn.

Shortly after John selects candy, Calliope makes one request for John to use his retcon powers: let poor gamzee oUt of the fridge, john. They believe that if a new era of amends is to start for everyone, then even he deserves a chance. John begrudgingly complies, and zaps back into canon to retrieve him. The moment John retrieves the fridge from is depicted as the scene where Dave and Dirk Strider are embracingHS after their intense heart-to-heart, despite the fridge not appearing to be presentHS at that moment and location in canon.

After arriving back on Earth C, John opens the fridge gingerly and Gamzee bursts out gasping and sweating. After an extended display of hacking, coughing, and crying, he begins to express his regrets for being a bItCh AsS nAuGhTy MoThErFuCkEr. Calliope comforts him throughout his self-pitying soliloquy, as he recounts his epiphanies about how awfully he had treated his friends, followed by justifications about how his upbringing from his lusus and his place in Alternian society are to blame for putting him on a harmful life path. He vows to begin a redemption arc, and Calliope and Roxy congratulate and embrace him, as John walks away. A crowd of carapacians gather around Gamzee throughout his sobbing.

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Gamzee sends a selfie of himself dressed as Jake to Jake for Halloween.

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