The Gentlemen are minor characters in Problem Sleuth. Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad encountered them during their stint on Whore Island. They eventually become controllable and they fight Mobster Kingpin in some of its forms. They are all unspoken alter egos of Team Sleuth.

Dapper SwainEdit


The Dapper Swain is the medium-sized gentleman that looks similar to Problem Sleuth. When excited he twizzles his mustache, sometimes causing it to ignite. He possesses a Personal Gawkular Lens. At one point the Swain got caught up in the melee between Mobster Kingpin and Fiesta Ace Dick and was crushed for his efforts. Fortunately, he got better. The Swain is quite taken with Hysterical Dame. He aggresses DMMK with a rubber ball and jacks, though unsuccessful.

Churlish ToffEdit

Churlish Toff

The Churlish Toff is the stout one out of three Gentlemen found in Problem Sleuth. He looks an awful lot like Ace Dick. He doesn't seem to be interested in either of the ladies; his peeping habitsMspa icon are in fact quite particular. Using his Opera Binoculeers, the Toff was able to climb onto the back of the Ham Truck and view part of the battle between Team Sleuth and DMK taking place high in the sky. He found this show to be particularly pleasingMspa icon. His attempt to aggress DMMK via stickball was a failure.

Mannerly HighbrowEdit


The Mannerly Highbrow is the tall gentleman. He has been known to drop his Monogle when flustered. He looks a lot like Pickle Inspector. The Highbrow is clearly infatuated with Nervous Broad. His Katamari-style hoop and stick technology is the only of one the gentlemen's attacks that affects DMMK. The hoop eventually gathers up everyone battling DMMK, including himself.

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