Godhead Pickle Inspector originated as a replicsimile of Pickle Inspector before becoming a deity in the imaginary universe. While normally too engaged in the fond contemplation of creation to affect gameplay, he occasionally plays a crucial role in matters of cosmic significance, such as maintaining the integrity of the universe by sewing it together.

Referred to as GPI, he appears similar to Pickle Inspector, although he is of massive proportions. In addition, he sports multiple waving arms and a third eye on his forehead. He is holding a flower, which on closer inspection contains the Afterlife. It is interesting to note that GPI exists within the Imaginary world that he created, and is located off to the side from the center of the universe, opposite of where DMK makes his appearance.

Despite the fact that upon becoming GPI, his only usable command was spelled out as FONDLY REGARD CREATION, he has since received many commands to take a more active role, (most of which are ignored), none of which were FONDLY REGARD CREATION, as well as commands to fondly regard things other than His creation: such as a crustaceanMspa icon, a crenellationMspa icon, and a donationMspa icon. He has also been called upon to recap the status of the Sleuths onceMspa icon, though the plots involved were so simple you wonder why he bothered.

GPI had two major parts during Problem Sleuth. The first was his use of the Deus Ex Sewing Machina to repair the universe after DMK's Comb Rave attack, Fill 'Em With Daylight. The Deus Ex Sewing Machina comes from the phrase "Deus ex machina", which means when "a seemingly inextricable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new character, ability, or object". This reflects how GPI was able to sew the universe back together.

The second time was when Godhead Pickle Inspector commanded the deceased Past and Future Pickle Inspectors to use their Temporal Replicsimile power Ad-infinitum in order for them to become the various subatomic particles that make up the entirety of creation. Thus GPI successfully created the Universe which, strangely, does not include only the imaginary universe but the real world as well.

Towards the end of the adventure, one of GPI's flowers was destroyed by Black Hole Mobster Kingpin. Although he at first seemed slightly disconcerted at this, it seems he has adjusted, for it was never replaced. One of the last sections of the story involved GPI obtaining a pair of sunglasses, possibly being the ones previously owned by Nervous Broad, and equipping them to admire his entire creation as a whole, and finally being given the command to Fondly Regard Creation.

His form could be reference to Acalokitesvara, otherwise known as "The Holder of the Lotus" or "The Lord who regards".

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