Punch Pogo Card

The punched Green Slime Ghost Pogo card.

The Green Slime Ghost Pogo is a spring-based recreational ride found in John Egbert's backyard.

John initially seems to possess a hatred of the contraption. However, he is later revealed to be extremely possessive of it, expressing fury at an imp daring to ride itHS. From John's justification of his rage, it seems that he considers the pogo more as an honorable opponent than a hated enemy. It is torn from the groundHS by Rose while she attempts to retrieve some grist perched upon it to bring to John's bathroom. John soon makes use of it as a noble steedHS while battling against the horde of Shale Imps in his living room.

The Captchalogue Card it was stored in was made into a punched cardHS using the Punch Designix, which caused the pogo to no longer be retrievable from the cardHS. However, a duplicate is later createdHS using the Alchemiter. John was later seenHS using the ride to pass the time while waiting for the other group on LOMAX.

The pogo is eventually instrumental in creatingHS the mighty Pogo Hammer.

Its code is DQMmJLeK.

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