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The Green Sun title.gif is a giant sun in the middle of the Furthest Ring, nearly twice as massive as Earth's universe (and in fact, as massive as Earth and Alternia's universes put together) There is only one in existence, and it is the source of the powers of all first guardians. The pre-scratch kids and post-scratch trolls intended to destroy the Green sun link.gif so that Jack Noir would lose his power. According to Doc Scratch, the destruction of the Green sun link.gif would result in the destruction of the first guardians.

The birth of the Green Sun.

It was created after Dave and Rose detonated The Tumor in Paradox Space, destroying both Earth and Alternia's universes to fuel it - having been led to believe (by Doc Scratch) that this would destroy the Sun, not make it. In actuality, Doc Scratch never said it would destroy the sun, only that it had the potential power to do so. Rose simply did not ask him the right questions.

Sollux and Aradia looking at the Green sun link.gif.

However, Jade says that the Green sun link.gif presides over our universe, and that destroying it would have been disastrous. She also mentions that it presides over multiple universes and sessions at once, asking John to think of it like a giant solar system, but instead of planets revolving around the sun, there are many universesHS.svg. This implies that Rose and Dave's mission, even though they were fooled into creating the Green sun link.gif instead of destroying it, was still important, and still had positive results for the future of our heroes.

Rose looking at a carving of the Green sun link.gif.

It is referenced by carvings inside a turtle temple on the Land of Light and Rain. Rose, ignoring the advice of Kanaya, rips the temple out of the water and dismantles it with the Thorns of Oglogoth to find the Green sun link.gif carving inside. A representation of the sun appears to be carved into the likeness of a giant captchalogue card.

The Green sun link.gif behind Bec during his strife with Jade.

An image of the Green sun link.gif can be seen briefly flashing when Bec uses his powers; its first appearance was during Jade's strife with BecHS.svg, which was also Bec's first appearance. However, the only other known first guardians, Doc Scratch and God Cat, never display this visual effect while using their powers. It may be that the appearance of this power varies for different first guardians.

It is also seen when Jack Noir attacks Aradia, at which point she slips through him into the Furthest Ring, the Green sun link.gif right in front of her. She then ends up at the Green sun link.gif, but then leaves it to explore dream bubbles.

At the end of Jade's entryHS.svg, a stylized green sun is shown woven into her bedsheets. This is because Becsprite made a sprite power copy of her bed to catch her, turning her sheets green and white.

A pink sun behind Rose in Seer: Descend.

In the opening sequence of Seer: Descend, a picture of the Green sun link.gif flashes amidst a barrage of other images; it is quickly followed by a second picture of a pink sun, that might correlate to a sun we have not yet seen, or correlate to HS.svg, where Kanaya says to Rose

GA: Your Hubris Is Really Astonishing
GA: Easily Twice The Mass Of A Universe I Think
GA: That It Hasnt Collapsed Upon Itself Into A Tiny Lavender Singularity Is The Most Striking Marvel Paradox Space Has Coughed Up Yet.

It also may be hinting at the dual moons of Alternia, or be present in the animation simply for aesthetic reasons, as this is never brought up again.

It is destroyed during Act 7 by Alternate Calliope, who transforms it into a black hole. During the credits, it appears to be consuming the Furthest Ring, sucking in both ghosts and chunks of empty black void and the ramifications of this event are explored on the epilogues.


  • While green stars do not exist in real life as stars tend to emit radiation on a black-body spectrum ranging from red to blue-white, some stars can appear green to the human eye. Green fire like that associated with radiation in Homestuck is also chemically possible to create with the right ingredients.
  • Green stars also occur throughout fiction and pop culture;
    • Notably Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" music video features a green star on the horizon behind a carnival.
    • Influential 1908 supernatural horror novel The House on the Borderland features a vast green star speculated to be the central sun around which various universes orbit, and which contains other dead stars.
    • J.R.R. Tolkien's 1939 essay On Fairy-Stories uses the concept of a green sun as an example of something that might take great skill and effort for an author to suspend a reader's disbelief about.
    • William Laurence of the New York Times described the United States' 1945 Trinity nuclear test as creating "a great green super-sun climbing in a fraction of a second to a height of more than 8,000 feet, rising ever higher until it touched the clouds".