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Various chat clients and social networks allow users to represent themselves with handles in place of their real names. In Homestuck these handles are often used to obscure these real names, particularly in cases where a character may not have been given one yet.

In Homestuck[]

Chat clients[]

Pesterchum and Trollian both make use of chat handles, where they are called chumhandlesHS.svg and trolltagsHS.svg, as does BettyBother. All known users of these clients use two-word handles, which the clients represent in camel case and abbreviate into two capital letters (with the exception of Caliborn, whose handle is abbreviated in lowercase instead to match his quirk), but is unknown if this is a strict requirement.

The human and troll heroes all have handles whose abbreviations consist of the letters G, C, A, and T, symbols commonly used to represent parts of a DNA molecule; the humans' handles use only G and T, whereas the trolls use all four letters. The one exception to this rule is John Egbert, who did at one time have a handle abbreviated to GT but later changed it.

G Jade Harley
gardenGnostic [GG]
Terezi Pyrope
gallowsCalibrator [GC]
Kanaya Maryam
grimAuxiliatrix [GA]
John Egbert
ghostyTrickster [GT],
ectoBiologist [EB]
Jane Crocker
gutsyGumshoe [GG]
Jake English
golgothasTerror [GT]
C Karkat Vantas
carcinoGeneticist [CG]
Feferi Peixes
cuttlefishCuller [CC]
Eridan Ampora
caligulasAquarium [CA]
Equius Zahhak
centaursTesticle [CT]
A Vriska Serket
arachnidsGrip [AG]
Nepeta Leijon
arsenicCatnip [AC]
Aradia Megido
apocalypseArisen [AA]
Tavros Nitram
adiosToreador [AT]
T Dave Strider / Davesprite
turntechGodhead [TG]
Gamzee Makara
terminallyCapricious [TC]
Sollux Captor
twinArmageddons [TA]
Rose Lalonde
tentacleTherapist [TT]
Roxy Lalonde
tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
Dirk Strider / Lil Hal
timaeusTestified [TT]

Interestingly, as noted by Andrew Hussie, the abbreviations of the beta human handles correlate with the chromosome pairs traditionally associated with the characters' gender identities when they were introduced to the comic; TT and GG are like-letters, like XX, whereas the letters in GT and TG differ as in XY. Aradia (AA) and Feferi (CC) also follow this pattern, but the rest of the troll girls have unique two-letter abbreviations instead. While Jane (GG) and Jake (GT) both follow this pattern also, the rest of the alpha humans do not; however each of their handle abbreviations matches with that of one of their children.

Instead of the letters G, C, A or T, the cherubs Calliope and Caliborn have their handles abbreviated instead with the letter U, which is used in place of the letter T when describing molecules of RNA.

undyingUmbrage [uu]
uranianUmbra [UU]

Doc Scratch does not appear to have a handle, instead appearing as ?_?HS.svg when in contact with Aradia, ????????HS.svg when in contact with Kanaya (or Karkat), and ????????HS.svg when talking to Gamzee.

Other platforms[]

Handles on Serious Business and Delirious Biznasty show far more variety than those used on the kids' chat clients, and are only abbreviated in particularly long cases such as that of the Condesce, who uses Serious Business as her full title )(er Imperious Condescension shortened to )(IC.

John and Jane's Dads go by pipefan413, and the Draconian Dignitary simply goes by The Dignitary, with various other humanHS.svg and carapacianHS.svg users of Serious Business going by even more varied and strange handles.

Dave uses the same handle on Delirious BiznastyHS.svg as he does on Pesterchum, with the official Crockercorp account going by BettyCrocker.

In Hiveswap[]


Xefros Tritoh
Cridea Jeevik
Trizza Tethis

In a development image from when Chittr was to be called "Prongle", users' handles seem to be referred to as trolltags.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)[]

Harry Anderson, Vriska Maryam-Lalonde and Tavros Crocker also use chumhandles whose abbreviations match that of one of their parents (or their ancestor, in Vriska's case).

Tavros Crocker
glutinousGymnast [GG]HS2.svg
Vriska Maryam-Lalonde
adamantGriftress [AG]HS2.svg
Harry Anderson Egbert
thespiansGlamor [TG]HS2.svg