John harlequins

Just one of John's DAD's stupid clownsSburb Logo.

Harlequins are a recurring motif in Homestuck. Though JohnSburb Logo andSburb Logo his friendsSburb Logo frequently refer to them as clowns, his father is quick to correct anyone who would venture such brazen assumptionSburb Logo.

In John's houseEdit

John's house is decorated with various figures and paintings of harlequins. John hates themSburb Logo, assuming they are related to his Dad's interest in being funny. He later discovers, however, that drawings of harlequins on his walls he assumed were the work of impsSburb Logo were actually already present before he entered the MediumSburb Logo. The result of the placement of a harlequin doll within John's mindSburb Logo by Gamzee Makara, Rose speculates that John's Dad only filled their home with harlequins because he took the drawings to mean John was interested in themSburb Logo.

Because of his Dad's assumption that he enjoys harlequins, John receives a harlequin doll for his 13th birthday, which is later prototyped, thus lending its image to every single one of the underlings and carapacian outfits in the incipisphere, including Jack Noir. Jack also seemingly hates harlequins, and the Black Queen's insistence that he wear harlequin attire contributes to his ascent to demonhoodSburb Logo.

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