Hideous Clowns
The overall term that includes true Harlequins, as well as clowns, comedians, acrobats, and anything that is part of Mr. Egbert's unique obsession. John's house is filled with their images and likenesses. He received a giant harlequin doll for his thirteenth birthday and the motif has become an essential characteristic of John's sprite, as well as the citizens and monarchy of Prospit and Derse, and the underlings. Being forced to wear the Harlequin Clothes given to him by the Black Queen after John's prototyping is what caused Jack Noir to finally snap.

John often takes time out of his day to notice how much these jokers bother him. As it turns out, Dad was merely decorating the house out of misunderstanding, due to the fact that John's room is plastered with scribbles of Harlequins, leading him to believe that his son adored them, and started filling the house with them to form a closer bond.

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