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Harry Anderson Egbert is the child of Roxy and John Egbert in the Candy timeline of The Homestuck Epilogues. He is Vriska Lalonde's matesprit.

He appears somewhat displeased when people refer to him as simply "Harry"HS2.svg, but this may be a result of Vriska Serket's overall discomforting nature.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Homestuck Epilogues[edit | edit source]

Jane Crocker is seen trying to buy Harry Anderson's affection through ludicrously expensive gifts, going as far as gifting him an imperial drone for his fifth birthday.

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[edit | edit source]

Harry Anderson's ego causes him to undergo some complete miscommunication, interpreting Vrissy's very real developments to be simply pranks, and is horrified when discovering his misstepHS2.svg; after all, he is suddenly an associate to Vrissy, Tavros, and Vriska's assassination of a religious figurehead. He does not handle the stress well, but he does organize the situation to be held at his and Roxy's home, where they can figure out what to do next thereon.

The momentum is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of John, who is experiencing a grand personal discovery and wishes to reconnect with his estranged family. As such, he is forced to endure a "heart-to-heart" with John wherein he reportedly prolonged John's knowledge of the situation until after he was goneHS2.svg.

When time actually comes to making a plan, however, Harry Anderson and his party are prematurely sidetracked by casual conversation to better acquaint themselves with one another. It is not until he receives a phone call from an ecstatic, surprisingly encouraging John that any of them take real action about the press that swarm Roxy's household.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Harry Anderson is named after the eponymous character, introduced to the reader through John's copy of Wise Guy, which reminds him of Dad Egbert. Physically, Harry Anderson can be considered as a stereotypical drama kid; what with his slicked-back hair and a blue bandanna, which can be assumed is a regular accessory.

Harry Anderson's interests are narrow, but passionate. They include cinematic entertainment (especially classic Earth movies), accessorization, and sewing. He shares common interests with his family, which allow for healthy conversational bonding with even his estranged father, albeit stiff in nature. It is implied that he had used Roxy's sewing machine rather frequently as a child, until he received his own when he was tenHS2.svg. He appears to dabble in community work as his skilled, hand-crafted products are featured in amateur productions at school and elsewhere. He takes pride in his hobbies and often shares them with his friends—if they would allow such mischievous dress-up.

Harry Anderson regards John with apprehension, often underestimating John's abilities in stressful scenarios. He often talks about John condescendingly to others, distancing himself from him and stressing the differences that make his freaking outs "cooler" than John'sHS2.svg. He notes John's attempt to reconnect with him and Roxy with disdain, but he is pleasantly impressed as he discovers how John actually is in real life-threatening scenariosHS2.svg. Further, he appears to be genuinely happy that John offered a drive togetherCandy.png, although he could also be amused by John's comically bad timingHS2.svg.

Harry Anderson is sneaky, much like Roxy, but more verbally. Possibly influenced by John's pranks, Harry Anderson often interprets what his friends say as jokes, and plays along seamlessly, whether they are actual jokes or notHS2.svg. Moreover, he appears able to deceive his parents and avoids exhibiting signs of stress, as evidence to keeping John from watching the news with his own discussionHS2.svg.

Growing up with God tier players as relatives has skewed his judgment of character, remarking that both of his parents are dissimilar to the legends he knows about. The canonicity of the Candy timeline (or, lack thereof) may also have lasting effects on his perceptions, as he feels Vriska (who is from outside the actual timeline) to be "fresher" than which he already knows, although disturbing and ruthless.

It is implied that Harry Anderson may be popular at schoolHS2.svg, or at least esteemed enough to believe he is.

Harry Anderson avoids swearing around his family, but he appears accustomed to answering the phone despite not wanting to.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Vriska Maryam-Lalonde [edit | edit source]

Harry and Vrissy are matesprits. Harry says sometimes she can be a shitty girlfriend. They have gotten to second base. They sneak out to meet each other in troll neighborhoods, and Vrissy is accustomed to sneaking in and out of Harry's house (he gave her a key). 

Tavros Crocker [edit | edit source]

Tavros and Harry are friends, but Harry tends to insult him. He tries to make up before Vriska does her thing, but then Vriska does her thing. 

Vriska Serket [edit | edit source]

Vriska shortened his name without asking him. They have had one long conversationHS2.svg to date. 

John Egbert [edit | edit source]

John is Harry's father. Harry has hangups about how his dad never talked to himHS2.svg. He is surprised and sort of annoyed when John starts wanting to be a dad again right as shit starts to go down. 

Roxy Lalonde [edit | edit source]

Roxy is Harry's mom. Harry asks her to get him some snacks, so it seems like they have a normal suburban parent-child relationship. 

Jane Crocker [edit | edit source]

Jane is Harry's "auntie". When he was young she gave him a surveillance drone for his birthday, and made security keep an eye on him. He still managed to sneak out to meet Vrissy, though. 

Imode Kurita[edit | edit source]

In the bonus updates, Imode Kurita mentions often to be Harry's friend as they hang out together in the Drama Club, or that they went to his mother's house. But Harry hasn't mentioned that friendship yet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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