Harry Anderson Egbert
you should probably actually gamble once in your life before you try to make gambling metaphors, babe. because that was dire. Candy
First AppearanceCandy



Typing Style

Similar to his father: regular syntax, does not capitalize the first letter of his sentences or proper nouns.


Roxy Lalonde - Mother
John Egbert - Father
Dad - Adoptive paternal grandfather
Jane Egbert - Adoptive paternal great-grandmother/Genetic grandmother
Jade Harley - "Aunt"/Genetic paternal aunt
Rose Lalonde - "Aunt"/Genetic half-sister
Kanaya Maryam - "Aunt"
Dave Strider - "Uncle"/Genetic half-brother
Jake English - "Uncle"/Genetic grandfather
Jane Crocker - "Aunt"/Genetic grandmother
Tavros Crocker - "Cousin"/Genetic paternal uncle
Vriska Lalonde - Girlfriend

Live(s) in

Earth C

Harry Anderson Egbert is the child of Roxy and John Egbert in the Candy Timeline of the Homestuck Epilogues. He is Vriska Lalonde's matesprit. Harry Anderson is named after the omonimous character, introduced to the reader through John's copy of Wise Guy, which reminds him of Dad Egbert. Jane Crocker is seen trying to buy Harry Anderson's affection through ludicrously expensive gifts, going as far as getting him an imperial drone for his 5th birthday.

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