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The Helipod Base is a bulbous structure grown from the White Tree in 2422, and one of the command stations. It hosts four Sentry Worms, presumably for its protection and maintenance. One of these first appeared to evaluate the Peregrine Mendicant and proceeded to help itself to a fine snack of the Mendicant's impressive collection of mail boxes. It appeared to have no manners to speak of, and was promptly beheaded for its trouble. Upon the defeat of the first of these worms, PM accessed the pod's command console to activate its homing signal. After the resulting reboot countdown, the pod revealed the other three worms, righting and lifting it out of the sand, preparing for take off using the helicopter blades that promptly emerged and took the craft to the west.

Goodnight, sweet internet connection.

A large chunk of the pod was blown up by Becquerel after PM's attempt to communicate with Jade, triggering a malfunction of its Computer Terminal and sending several mailboxes tumbling to the ground, though a Sentry Worm snags one mailbox containing a very special letter. The pod then continued on its automatic path westward, towards Jade's island home.

A sentry worm firing a laser from its mouth.

The worms prove capable of firing lasers from their mouths, aggressing the Aimless Renegade. He returns fire, actually managing to hit his target, beheading another worm. Eventually, the craft is completely blown up by the newly promoted Armaments Regent attempting to prevent Bec Noir from escaping the universe.

Just as the Skyship Base contains an Appearifier, the Helipod Base contains a Sendificator.

Connection to John's house[]

It is located in the same spot as John's house once stood, and is connected to the Cruxite Apple John took a bite of to transport his house to The Medium, as it is the "apple" to the tree that stands there. This would also explain the guardian's shapes, as they are very similar to worms, which are often found in apples.

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