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A Hero is one of the player characters in Sburb or Sgrub. They are usually referred to as Heroes of their aspect; e.g. Hero of LightHS or Hero of TimeHS. The Heroes of Sburb are the main characters in Homestuck.


The Heroes are expected to cooperate with the forces of Prospit against those of Derse to defeat the Black King and place the Genesis Frog within the center of the Battlefield. Certain kinds of Hero hold other specific roles, such as those of Stokers Of The Forge and Holders Of Breeding DutiesHS which fall to Heroes of Space.

Known Heroes[]


Each session of Sburb had four human Heroes.



In the alpha kids' unwinnable void session, the Heroes are also called Nobles,HS hinting at their role involving more waiting than adventuring.[1] Calliope, however, still uses the phrase hero of lifeHS to refer to Jane Crocker.


  • When ordered alphabetically by their first names, the human Heroes' text colors form a rainbow: Dave, Dirk, Jade, Jake, Jane, John, Rose, and Roxy.


Each session of Sgrub had twelve troll Heroes.



Cherub sessions[]

While the cherubs' session had two dreamers, in each timeline the session was played by only one Hero. It is not known, however, if like Nobles in a void session, the dead session has its own title for its players, or if Caliborn's villainous quest even allows him to be officially called a Hero at all.


  1. Andrew Hussie. "The title "They Wait" begs the question, who is "They"? That would be the four Alpha Kids in the post-Scratch session, waiting for our four heroes. The emphasis placed on "waiting" is a nod to the way a significant part of Act 6 plays out—the Alphas enter their void session and have to spend a lot of time waiting around for these four legendary heroes who will be able to bring their session to life. There's a sense of waiting on both sides though, as the Beta Kids have to complete a long journey to the new session. So we see that the inevitable session scratch has been woven into carapacian lore from the start, as is hinted at with these banners. Similarly, all the lore inside the Alpha session seems to totally revolve around the fact that its heroes (nobles) are waiting around for their counterparts before they can do anything significant. These two sessions each seem to have a kind of symbiotic mythos. They relate to and depend on each other to make sense." Homestuck: Book 6: Act 5 Act 2 Part 2, p. 433.
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