Higgs Bonehead was a short-lived character in Problem Sleuth. He was detected when PFPI and FFPI collided, eliminating what remained of DMK's health bar.

He is very dense, unintelligent, slow-moving, and tragically, short-lived. He also looks remarkably similar to the Hired Muscle encountered earlier in the adventure. He valiantly attempts to destroy DMK's Nether-Regional Vulnerabulb, but his life soon expires, and he dissipates into PART-PICKLES (which dissipate quickly themselves) before he can do any damage to the NETHER-REGIONAL VULNERABULB.

Once he was destroyed, he met The Whale in the Afterlife. He quite liked this creature, for it was of a rather large size, just like he was. Throughout the rest of the story, he and The Whale crafted a sort of friendship, and HB used The Whale to travel around. At the end of the story, he went on an underwater treasure hunt with The Whale and discovered a shipwreck and several busts filled with spondulicks.

His name is, of course, a play on the Higgs Boson, a subatomic particle that at the time was theoretical, but is now believed to have been observed, and is theorized to be responsible for mass, but that's so obvious you probably already knew that.