Hired Muscle



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The Hired Muscle was hired by Mobster Kingpin to guard against intruders of the Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension. Problem Sleuth and a pair of Ace Dicks found him on the third floor and bought him out for 15,000 spondulicks. On the fourth floor, against Morthol Dryax, the Hired Muscle became Zombie Hired Muscle or just Zombie Muscle.

Zombie Hired MuscleEdit

When Problem Sleuth and two Ace Dicks were climbing the Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension, Problem Sleuth bought the services of a Hired Muscle. The Hired Muscle helped the three detectives until Morthol Dryax turned him into a zombie. Zombie Hired Muscle went up to the fifth floor without the detectives, and when later encountered, turned one Ace Dick into Zombie Ace Dick. Not long afterward, he was maimed and used the last of his strength to save Problem Sleuth from some Ethnic Cheer.

Battle TechniquesEdit

  • Profane AdulterationMspa icon: Zombie Hired Muscle jumps any nearby living creature and turns them into a zombie.