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Throbbing with black liquid misery.

A Hive Ragtime is the Midnight Crew's bizzarro counterpart to Team Sleuth's Comb Raves. As the Midnight Crew are antagonists, the process of setting up a Hive Ragtime is mind-numbingly simple.

This concept is non-canonical, introduced in an unlockableMspa icon.png.

Step One: Collect Shadow Nectar[]

A group of Laborer Wasps are allowed to collect a substance called Shadow Nectar which bleeds from the wounds of the protagonists. They are most likely under the supervision of the Probability Theory Wasp Professor.

Step Two: Store Shadow Nectar in a Shadow Comb[]

Shadow Nectar in its purest form is probably too good and righteous to be used by the Laborer Wasps and the Midnight Crew, seeing as it comes out of our protagonists. The substance is stored inside a Shadow Comb so any remaining good and decency left is corrupted leaving just black liquid misery.

Step Three: Hive Ragtime[]

Once the Laborer Wasps finish their grim labors, the Midnight Crew takes the black liquid misery directly from the comb, since they're just that badass. Seriously, what kind of softy needs to wait for raw power to be put into a receptacle when it's right there?

The Midnight Crew is capable of two Hive Ragtimes, though one is mistakenly called a Shadow Comb Rave.

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