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In the Steam versions of Hiveswap and Hauntswitch, the player is able to get a number of achievements, some of which make reference to various tropes and jokes from Homestuck and MS Paint Adventures as a whole. The following is a comprehensive list of all the achievements, per act.

Here, the achievements are generally sorted by the order they can be achieved in the story. While this order is clear-cut for story-based achievements, it is less clear for missable achievements, as the rooms in which they can be achieved can be revisited throughout the course of the game, and some achievements only require the combination of objects, not an object and a background detail. This is in contrast with Steam, which orders achievements based on whether or not the player achieved them, followed by the number of people who achieved them, and therefore usually orders story-based achievements in order, but has the potential to switch orders of missable achievements at any time.


Hiveswap: Act 1Edit

Story AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description Instructions Other
HiveswapAchievement OverButWeJustStarted
OVER? BUT WE JUST STARTED! Checked in with Jude. Contact Jude for the first time by walkie-talkie.
HiveswapAchievement ItWasntLocked
IT WASN'T LOCKED Ventured out into the hallway. Leave Joey's room.
HiveswapAchievement LightWeaponry
LIGHT WEAPONRY Got your flashlight in working order. Get batteries from the radio in the kitchen, and use them with Joey's flashlight.
HiveswapAchievement StepUp
STEP UP Won your first STRIFE. Complete the first STRIFE encounter.
HiveswapAchievement NaNaNaNaHeyYou
NA NA NA NA, HEY YOU Was Jude. Be Jude for the first time, immediately after Joey realizes that she needs marbles to solve a puzzle. The name is a reference to the Beatles song "Hey Jude".
HiveswapAchievement ThirdTimesTheCharm
THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM Sent Joey what she needs. Successfully send Joey the red and green marbles. The name is a reference to how two of the Lone Gunbirds, Frohike and Langly, fail at the task, and only Byers succeeds.
HiveswapAchievement FeatheryDoofusAcquired
FEATHERY DOOFUS ACQUIRED Acquired feathery doofus. Complete the second STRIFE encounter, and retrieve Byers from atop the fridge.
HiveswapAchievement WhysItEvenLocked
WHY'S IT EVEN LOCKED Seriously--who locks their attic? Spin the globe and get the key to the attic.
HiveswapAchievement SignatureStyleAndFlare
SIGNATURE STYLE AND FLARE Flare: yes. Style: questionable. Complete the fourth STRIFE encounter.
HiveswapAchievement NowWhatInTheHellIsGoingOnInHere
NOW WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE But seriously what in the hell is going on in here Make it to the attic. Reference to a series of pagesHS in Homestuck.
HiveswapAchievement AccidentalAstronaut
ACCIDENTAL ASTRONAUT You're in space, apparently. Or at least, you were? Talk to Xefros again after you're told to look for Dammek.
HiveswapAchievement SERPENT
S E R P E N T Bypassed security. Complete the first game of Serpent.
HiveswapAchievement LetTheRumpusCommence
LET THE RUMPUS COMMENCE Was Xefros. Be Xefros for the first time, immediately after Joey sends him a selfie.
HiveswapAchievement ThatsYourCue
THAT'S YOUR CUE Geared up. Unwedge Xefros' cuebat using the bent spoon.
HiveswapAchievement TreatTime
TREAT TIME Got those treats. Successfully unlock the safe in Xefros' rumpus room, after obtaining the playbook and canned drink.
HiveswapAchievement RubbleLeader
RUBBLE LEADER Put the Grubble in rubble. Step outside as Xefros, and retrieve Scratchtech. As Xefros watches his tablet, his hive gets blown up, and he is crushed under rubble.
HiveswapAchievement ItsALiving
IT'S A LIVING Made it to the living room...but at what cost? Make it to Dammek's living room as Joey.
HiveswapAchievement GRUBB S
G R U B B _ _ S Spelled it right. Decipher Dammek's flavor of the week and complete the second game of Serpent.
HiveswapAchievement GoodDeerBeastFriend
GOOD DEER. BEAST FRIEND. Made an unexpected ally. Use the Alternian bestiary and veterinary kit on Dammek's lusus. The name is a reference to a very good dog.
HiveswapAchievement InsufferableZoosmell
INSUFFERABLE ZOOSMELL Named your lusii. Name both lusii. It is not required to give them your own names; the default names "Zoosmell" and "Cornibuster" work as well. The name is an obvious reference to a naming box gag.
HiveswapAchievement HealTheDeercatBeTheRider
HEAL THE DEERCAT. BE THE RIDER Rode an unexpected ally. Ride the Deercat to Xefros' aid. Reference to a pageHS in Homestuck.
HiveswapAchievement SaveXefros
SAVE XEFROS Saved Xefros. Save Xefros with the hover pad.

Missable AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description Instructions Other
HiveswapAchievement DontEncourageHim
DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM Please. Give the Bubsy poster some dog treats.
HiveswapAchievement HopeSpringsEternal
HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL Took a ballet lesson from an unorthodox source. Use the ballet shoes on the slinky up near the attic.
HiveswapAchievement NoTheyreYoursNow
NO. THEY'RE YOURS NOW The batteries are yours, and you're keeping them. Try putting the E-cell batteries back in Pa's universal remote.
HiveswapAchievement TheyreStuffed
THEY'RE STUFFED Tried to treat the taxidermied. Feed dog treats to the three taxidermied bear-ish creatures in the living room, the narwhal hidden in the basement, and both the deer and the lion head in the trophy room.
HiveswapAchievement WhereTheyBelong
WHERE THEY BELONG Tried to trash the POGS. Throw the pogs in the trash, by the fridge in the kitchen.
HiveswapAchievement MayIHaveThisDance
MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE? No? How about this one? Tap-dance and ballet at the dancers in the basement.
HiveswapAchievement PeriodAppropriateReferences
PERIOD-APPROPRIATE REFERENCES This game is set in 1994. Fax some pogs when the power's back on, also by the fridge in the kitchen.
HiveswapAchievement ActivityRecorded
ACTIVITY RECORDED Observed cultists. Locate the mysterious figures out the hidden window in Jude's treehouse.
HiveswapAchievement SequenceBreaker
SEQUENCE BREAKER Tried to get ahead of the game. Try firing a flare at the evil-looking mansion out the same hidden window.
HiveswapAchievement RedAndGreenHerring
RED AND GREEN HERRING Overthought it. Fill a sack with two of the same marble.
HiveswapAchievement TheLongGonebirds
THE LONG GONEBIRDS Alas, Curses, and/or Farewell, as the case may be. Examine Jude's bird cage after sending each pigeon out, including one last time during the final STRIFE sequence.
HiveswapAchievement BirdgeoningTalent
BIRDGEONING TALENT Carried a tune. Use Byers on the piano and listen to his haunting refrain.
HiveswapAchievement SurelyHeHasSomeAdditionalPurpose
SURELY HE HAS SOME ADDITIONAL PURPOSE Nope. Use Byers on 30 different objects.
HiveswapAchievement SeriouslyDontEatTheMummy
SERIOUSLY, DON'T EAT THE MUMMY What is WRONG with you? Throw some spice on the mummy hidden in the attic under a chair.
HiveswapAchievement MelodiousChirpsAndTongueClicks
MELODIOUS CHIRPS AND TONGUE-CLICKS Revealed your true nature. Tell Xefros you're the nightmare squid god kind of alien.
HiveswapAchievement Convexed
CONVEXED Held out for Bent Soup. Use the bent spoon on the pile of bent spoons.
HiveswapAchievement PlayingWithPower
PLAYING WITH POWER Refreshed your memory. Use the cuebat with the pusher playbook. Reference to the slogan for the Nintendo Power Glove.
HiveswapAchievement VentFrustration
VENT FRUSTRATION Gave Byers some very important character development. After crawling through the vent, send Byers back the way you came.
HiveswapAchievement JuniorVeterinarian
JUNIOR VETERINARIAN Gave Byers a full check-up. Use the bowl of milk, dog treats, Alternian bestiary, and Alternian veterinary kit on Byers. The milk must be in the bowl to proc this achievement. 
HiveswapAchievement CellYouLater
CELL YOU LATER Finished HIVESWAP: ACT 1 with power to spare. Complete Act 1 with the E-cell batteries from Pa's universal remote in your inventory. It is not possible to get this Achievement and BATTER LUCK NEXT TIME in a single play-through.
HiveswapAchievement BatterLuckNextTime
BATTER LUCK NEXT TIME Finished HIVESWAP: ACT 1. Complete Act 1 without the E-cell batteries from Pa's universal remote in your inventory. It is not possible to get this Achievement and CELL YOU LATER or NO. THEY'RE YOURS NOW in a single play-through.


Icon Name Description Instructions Other
HiveswapAchievement Boros
BOROS Picked up where you'll leave off. There is currently no known way to earn this achievement. Judging by the description, it is speculated that this achievement can only be gotten when a save file from Act 1 is carried over into either the later acts of Hiveswap or Hauntswitch, possibly with a matching OURO achievement. This is also the only achievement to not be hidden, meaning that its description is viewable to anyone who hasn't achieved it, and even those who don't own Act 1.


  • According to Steam, all the achievement names in Act 1 are prefaced with a "greater than" symbol, ">". This is a likely reference to MS Paint Adventures, where the same symbol prefaces commands when they are clickable.
  • Only one person has received the BOROS achievement, Animegamer1996, but this is likely the result of developer tests.
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