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Like in Homestuck, characters in Hiveswap keep items in a sylladex; however unlike Homestuck the Hiveswap inventory acts as a simple one-dimensional array, rather than any other needlessly complicated data structure. Also unique to Hiveswap's inventory system is the nichecache, where abilitechs are kept.

Introduced in Hiveswap: Act 1[]

Half-Harley Manor[]

Joey Claire's inventory[]

Joey inventory.png


Joey's is found on the floor of her room; once powered with batteries it leaves the sylladex and can be used to communicate with Jude on the right hand side of the screen next to the character icon. Jude also has a walkie-talkie which can likewise be used to communicate with Joey.

Main article: Battery

Several different sizes of battery, used for powering various items.

Main article: Key

Three separate keys are found throughout Act 1, for unlocking various other objects.

Yammy Bits[]

Pet food found in a box in the hallway closet, alongside the flashlight and ballet shoes. Used to distract a hungry monster in the trophy room.


Cardboard circles depicting various characters, found inside the hallway closet with the above items. Characters depicted include The X-Files' Fox Mulder and Dana Scully[1].

Spice Mix[]

A mix of spices, used by Joey's babyspitter and for defeating a monster in the kitchen.

Stale cracker[]

Found alone in a kitchen cupboard, and used to lure the pigeon Byers down from atop the fridge.

Main article: The Lone Gunbirds

Sent to the Manor by Jude, carrying marbles for the trophy room puzzle.

Jude Harley's inventory[]

Jude inventory.png

Flare gun & flares[]

Can be combined into a loaded flare gun. Used to distract three monsters from Joey's presence in the Manor foyer.

Bag of marbles[]

To be attached to one of Jude's Lone Gunbirds and sent to the Manor for the trophy room puzzle.


Found in Dammek's hive[]

Xefros Tritoh's inventory[]

Introduced in Hiveswap: Act 2[]

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  1. Cohen Edenfield. found my old strife weapon! / guess what. it's full of your stupid POGS. / CRAP FORGOT ABOUT THOSE PLEASE KEEP SAFE over / ok. but i'm not going to take especially good care of them. / PLEASE PROTECT MULDER AT ALL COSTS over / ugh. you and mulder. this scully pog is obviously where it's at. / TERMS ACCEPTABLE KEEP THEM SAFE SHES YOURS over Hiveswap: Act 1. September 14, 2017.