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Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is an official post-Canon sequel comic to Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues. The story is a collaboration between What Pumpkin Studios and Snake Solutions Studio LLP, an independent media partnership founded by Hiveswap writer Aysha U. Farah and Homestuck fan creator Kate Mitchell. The initial outline for the story was written by Andrew Hussie, with the overall writing team, led by Mitchell, and consisting of Hussie, Farah, Lalo Hunt, Pip Dillistone, and optimisticDuelist. The art team is lead by long-time Homestuck art contributor Xamag.

Much as with The Homestuck Epilogues, the work is official, but it is considered to be of loose canonicity. According to the official Homestuck^2 FAQ, the work will "continue with themes established in the epilogues involving the blurring of lines between what is considered authoritative about media, and the elaboration on said media by groups of empowered fans," and is considered an "official fanonization".

The first release of the comic took place on October 25th 2019, with a promise of one update and one bonus per month, with more frequent updates to be funded via Patreon. Later, a Patreon goal was reached, which added another monthly update. The "bonus updates" will only be made available to these Patreon contributors. In a surprise reprisal, the comic appeared to have brought back the original MS Paint Adventures suggestion box. While this initially appeared to last only brieflyHS2.svg, readers can still use the suggestion box to affect the story in minor ways, such as submitting nicknames for Vrissy.

On May 21st, 2020, it was announced that there would be a hiatus for the month of June and Patreon backers would not be charged. On June 24th it was announced that the hiatus would go on for the month of July as well with a promise to return on August.

On February 11th, 2021, it was announced in a post written by Andrew Hussie that the Patreon would be frozen permanently due to personal attacks targeted at staff, and Homestuck^2 would be funded through private commission in order to complete the in-progress story.


A summary of the Homestuck^2: Storyline is to be updated by chapter as the story develops.


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