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The second act of Homestuck is titled Raise of the Conductor's BatonHS. It follows John's exploration of his house in the Medium while contacted by a mysterious voice and Dave's search for his Bro's copy of Sburb.

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  • HSThe Wayward Vagabond is introduced and starts commanding John from years in the future (but not many).
  • HSRose starts a Sburb walkthrough on GameFAQs.
  • HSJohn's house is teleported to The Medium.
  • HSThe Kernelsprite divides, the two halves of the kernel go their separate ways, leaving only the sprite portion behind.
  • HSJohn explores his house in its new location.
  • HSRose suggests prototyping John's sprite with a Betty Crocker cake mix box, which John dismisses as stupid, WV suggests the potted plant, because it "looks delicious", John gets excited when Rose attempts to prototype the Sassacre text, however the prototyping attempt is unsuccessful, and John's sprite ends up getting accidentally prototyped with Nanna's ashes.
  • HSRose's connection fails while moving John's Dad's Car which falls into the abyss, along with GG's package and John's copy of the server software for Sburb.
  • HSJohn tells TG to save Rose from the fire near her house using his (Bro's) copy of Sburb.
  • HSRose starts on her journey to regain electrical power.
  • HSTG is introduced as Dave Strider, though the scenes with him are set 'in the past.'
  • HSDave loses both his client and server copies of Sburb to a Rambunctious Crow, which is then impaled and launched out the window.
  • HSRose's Mom is first seen and soon engages in Strife with her daughter.
  • HSJohn fights and wins against a Shale Imp, scaling him up his Echeladder by two Achievement Rungs.
  • HSRose reconnects with John after she finds a power generator.
  • HSJohn meets the Nannasprite.
  • HSNannasprite explains several concepts of Sburb to John, including his goal: build his house up to reach Skaia.
  • HSJohn and the Wayward Vagabond have a struggle against each other that inadvertently leads to the Vagabond turning off caps lock.
  • HSPressing the caps lock key opens a compartment near the Wayward Vagabond where he finds a houseplant, cans of food, and a book on Human Etiquette.
  • HSDave starts to look for his bro's Sburb betas. Dave plays Mad Snacks Yo for a little bit.
  • HSRose deploys the Punch Designix.
  • HSRose crushes a shale imp with John's piano, destroying both the creature and the instrument.
  • HSRose starts to build upwards, creating floors over Dad's room and John's room.
  • HSThe Wayward Vagabond, now with the knowledge of human etiquette, begins to cooperate with John in a much more engaging fashion.
  • HSRose uses the safe in the study to crush an imp.
    • HSUnderneath the safe, John finds a blank captchalogue card.
    • HSThe falling safe breaks a hole in the house that goes from Rose's platform through Dad's room and finally the ceiling of the study.
    • HSThe safe's door breaks off on impact, spilling its contents onto the floor.
  • HSJohn discovers that captchalogue cards have codes on the reverse side.
  • HSJohn began to use the Punch Designix, discovering that...
    • HSObjects in cards punched by the Designix can't be retrieved.
    • HSPunched cards can be run through the Totem Lathe to make totems corresponding to the card's punched code.
  • HSRose uses the bathtub to crush an imp, resulting in another hole that goes from the side of the house through the study and into the utility room.
  • HSJohn accidentally destroys another imp (and creates a second hole in the exterior wall of the study) with his Sylladex, leveling him up to Pesky Urchin.
  • HSCrude Ogres begin to crawl up the cliffside to John's house.
  • HSDave turns on the 'detect collisions' option on his Hash Map Fetch Modus, allowing him to captchalogue objects in a more safe manner.
  • HSDave constructs a Fort out of turntables and cinderblocks, allowing him to reach the hatch to the crawlspace above his apartment.
  • HSRose creates 10 blank captcha cards using the Alchemiter, giving John a 12 card sylladex.
  • HSAfter reading a bit from 'Harry Anderson "Wise Guy"', John gets the idea to run two punched cards through the Designix at the same time
  • HSJohn combines the Green Slime Ghost Pogo and Claw Hammer cards to make the Pogo Hammer.
  • HSJohn's first use of the Pogo Hammer sends him flying up to the roof over his Dad's bedroom. Rose catches him using his bed, and he begins to drift off.
  • HSRose attempts to message John the captchalogue code for the Sburb server beta but learns to her dismay that the beta has no code.
  • HSThe generator shuts down from the heat of the forest fire, once again cutting off Rose's connection.
  • HSJohn wakes up after having a vision of GG (and a Pumpkin that may or may not really exist) and moves to the top of the house where he confronts two Crude Ogres.
  • HSDave ascends to his roof as well, taking Lil Cal with him in an epic scene. GG is, very curtly, seen in person.
  • HSThe Wayward Vagabond becomes playable.
  • HSThe Vagabond creates Can Town, an imaginary democratic society.
  • HSThe Vagabond's meddling with the computer in the Underground Base starts a 4:13 countdown, startlingly similar to the one that appeared on John's Cruxtruder before his neighborhood was destroyed.
  • HSThe Vagabond finds the Appearifier in another room and uses it to, among other things, release Serenity the firefly from her amber prison.
  • HSThe countdown does not cause the Underground Base to be destroyed. Rather, the base shoots into the air and travels west.
  • HSMom, seeing the approaching flames from the forest fire, enters a code into a keypad, opening a hidden stairwell in Jaspers' mausoleum.
  • HSJohn's Dad, realizing the handcuffs he is bound with are his son's trick handcuffs, frees himself from the Shale Imps.
  • HSDave confronts his Bro on the rooftop.
  • HSThe Wayward Vagabond arrives at the Frog Temple.
  • HSThe curtains close on Act 2.
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