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Act 6 Act 4 is extremely short, with the whole act consisting of only three pages. It is titled Void.


Each of the planets in this session contains the name of a noble gas: helium, xenon, neon and krypton, which fits the description of the kids as "Nobles" rather than "Heroes"; as well as a type of burial site: crypts, mounds, pyramids, and tombs. This and the fact that noble gases are chemically inert ties in with the fact that the post-scratch kids' session is a dead end (a void session). The skeletal, undead underlings also fit the void session theme.

As confirmed hereHS.svg, Jack's tally marks represent 153 Earth days, and therefore the date at the end of the act (and the beginning of A6A5A1) is April 12, 2012 (from Jane and Jake's perspective)—one day before the date that the pre-Scratch kids and trolls will arrive from their own perspective.


  • Jack Noir's tally marks are made in groups of seven (six vertical, one horizontal), compared to five in human tallying. This possibly implies that carapacian culture uses a base fourteen numerical system (compared to human base ten). On the other hand, it could perhaps more likely be interpreted as Jack counting weeks akin to Robinson Crusoe, and/or a reference to the arc number, 111111.
  • The blurred images of Skaia fulfill one of the predictions from the clouds viewed in End of Act 6 Intermission 1HS.svg.
  • The name of the Act reflects the nature of the B2 session; Void.
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