“The story so far:
In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”
— Andrew Hussie
You are almost certain Andrew Hussie said that.

Act 7 is the conclusion of Homestuck.

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The act opens and closes with white curtains.

  • HS.svg An animation intercuts between several scenes, which are described below individually, rather than in sequence.

On the victory platform[edit | edit source]

John, Dave, Jade, Rose, Jane, Roxy, Jake, Dirk, Dad, Karkat, Kanaya and Terezi are all gathered on the victory platform.

PM and WV have dropped their rings in the volcano as an offering to Echidna, starting the Genesis Tadpole on its trip towards Skaia, maturing into a frog and passing near the victory platform as it goes. Jade holds Earth with space powers, and cogs fast-forward Earth's time to show a future view of earth (section below).

The previously red Sburb house flips turnways, becomes white, and acquires a door. John reaches for the doorknob (mirroring how Karkat did in the trolls' session).

Future view of Earth[edit | edit source]

Everyone shown on the victory platform, except for Terezi, is now living peacefully on Earth. A large-scale Can Town is built from WV's plans. The words "THANKS FOR PLAYING" float in the sky next to the sun. In what appears to be a park, Dirk and Jake are playing soccer with each other, Jane and her Dad spend some father/daughter bonding, and Dave, Karkat and Jade have a picnic together. In a separate shot, John, Roxy and Calliope walk through a path together, presumably on a hiking trail. In another separate shot, Rose and Kanaya stand next to each other, probably enjoying the view.

At the Green Sun[edit | edit source]

Alternate Calliope combines three spheres to create a black hole, destroying the Green Sun but sacrificing herself in the process, thus causing Lord English and all other Green Sun-empowered beings to lose their First Guardian powers.

In the furthest ring[edit | edit source]

The ghost army prepares its final assault against Lord English. Vriska releases the Treasure. It emerges from the chest as a sphere of white light, which transforms into a giant white Sburb house bearing the beta humans' aspect symbols. The house crashes into the ground, creating more cracks that spread towards Lord English. A door appears on the face of the juju. It can be assumed that Vriska used the juju to somehow kill him.

Aradia watches as the black hole Green Sun engulfs Paradox Space up to the ring of cracks created by Lord English. This is possibly a callback to her formerly stated desire to watch everything break apart.

Yaldabaoth's lair[edit | edit source]

Caliborn, after inspecting the contents of the chest, uses the crowbar juju breaker to break apart the God Tier clock, beginning his unconditional immortality. Caliborn gains flashing cueball eyes.

  • HS.svg The next page shows the words THE END. The curtains close.
  • HS.svg A short Myststuck-style linear walkaround. It starts at the "Thanks for Playing" sun and pan down to John's house, surrounded by Salamander huts from LOWAS. The viewer moves through the house to John's room, which has a new signed SBaHJ poster. A phone sits on the bed, buzzing with a notification from the MSPA official Snapchat. Clicking on the phone leads to the next page.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The act's title, "The Rapture," was first mentioned by Andrew Hussie when he announced the end of the gigapause:
“We are slowly building to a particular moment I foresee on the horizon. It's not just characterized by the end of the story, though that should be a factor. It's more than that. Things I have planned, and some other things we'll say may be fortuitously aligned. Invisible pieces of a heinous machine all snapping together, mechanically congealing with a grim sense of purpose. I'm tentatively branding to this moment as The Rapture, and it will be more than you can bear. More than anyone can. And everyone won't.”
MSPA news post, September 27, 2014
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