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This article is for the comic referred to in the past as Homestuck^2. For other meanings of the phrase "Homestuck 2", see Homestuck 2.
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Homestuck: Beyond Canon is an official, post-canonical sequel to Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues, first launched on October 25, 2019.

Like The Homestuck Epilogues, Beyond Canon is official, having been sanctioned by Andrew Hussie, but is of "loose canonicity." Per the now-defunct official FAQ, the comic will "continue with themes established in the epilogues involving the blurring of lines between what is considered authoritative about media, and the elaboration on said media by groups of empowered fans", and has been called an "official fanonization".[1]


The initial outline for an Epilogues continuation was written by Hussie.[2] Simply entitled Homestuck: Beyond Canon, the first creative team eventually launched it under the slightly altered title Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[3] alongside a Patreon page, with the promise of one free update and one bonus update available exclusively to patrons each month.[citation needed] After a funding goal was reached, subsequent months included an additional second free update.[citation needed] A collaboration between What Pumpkin Studios and Snake Solutions Studio LLP, an independent media partnership founded by Hiveswap writer Aysha U. Farah and fellow Homestuck fan Kate Mitchell, this team also consisted of writers Hussie, Lalo Hunt, Pip Dillistone, and optimisticDuelist, and various artists led by long-time Homestuck art contributor Xamag.

Early updates included limited returns of the suggestion box; though Dirk Strider rejectedHS2 this innovation initially, it continued to be used in minor ways, such as for crowdsourcing a nickname for Vriska Maryam-Lalonde.[citation needed]

On May 21, 2020 a hiatus was announced for the month of June; on June 24 this hiatus was extended through the month of July with a return in August. Updates continued for the rest of the year; after no activity in January of 2021, however, it was announced on February 11 that, after personal attacks on What Pumpkin and Snake Studios staff, updates would cease and Patreon subscriptions would be closed as the comic was worked on in private, to be updated only when it was completed.

For the next 2 and a half years no updates on the comic's progress were made public. In October of 2023, however, James Roach announced that he had been handed control over a new team of creatives, and updates to the comic, now back under the name Homestuck: Beyond Canon, continued from that day.[4] Further information continued throughout the month, with the reopening of the Patreon - whose bonus updates were now to consist of "non-canonical one-shot comics" - announced on October 18,[5] and the official reopening happening before the beginning of November on October 30.[6]


Initially, new Homestuck^2 updates were referred to as separate "chapters". Starting from the comic's relaunch in 2023, which began with a title screen reading simply BEYOND CANONHS2, chapter titles were dropped, and each update instead continued the current story similarly to updates to the original Homestuck; the first 16 updates have since been referred to as "the prologue" by director Roach.[7]

Prologue - 10/25/19[]

Page 1HS2 to Page 32HS2

Somewhere, in the distant reaches of space, Dirk Strider sits aboard the starship Theseus which he had previously received from Jake English, narrating to the audience once more. Terezi Pyrope communicates with him via command station,HS2 and is then given the task of "landing" the ship on the new planet.

Chapter 1: Ghostflusters - 11/23/19[]

Page 33HS2 to Page 56HS2

In the universe of the Candy timeline, middle-aged Jake English is living in John Egbert's houseHS2. After falling asleep due to inebriation, he has a dream where he is chased through a forest by a nameless monster, only to be saved by an incarnation of Dirk Strider. Dirk explainsHS2 that he is "brain ghost" Dirk and that his absence is because there’s been a shortage of ambient narrative relevance for Dirks, since one particular motherfucker has been sucking it all up. Dirk awakens Jake and appears manifesting in ghostly form in his house. Dirk suggests that Jake should flip on Jane Crocker, and pretend to get back together with her in order to spy on her regime. Jake reluctantly agrees.

Jake and Dirk travelHS2 to visit Jane on her battleship, brain-ghost Dirk being invisible. Jane does not appear to have realized that Jake had intended to leave her permanently, but tearfully relates how their son, Tavros Crocker, has been kidnapped by the opposition. Jane sets out her plans for revenge, but Jake becomes distractedHS2 by Dirk posing on her desk.

Chapter 2: Clown Logistics - 12/25/19[]

Page 57HS2 to Page 95HS2

Minutes before what had happened in Ghostflusters, the Vriska Serket chats with her counterpart Vriska Maryam-Lalonde, who leans against Gamzee's dead body. Both Vriska's insist that her younger self should have a nickname to prevent more confusion, naming her Vrissy.HS2 They decide they need to move the clown corpse somewhere safer, and devise a plan. Vrissy calls Tavros Crocker to help them get to her matesprit, Harry Anderson Egbert in the Human Kingdom. Tavros responds to the purple corpse by kicking him and screaming before helping the girls carry it into his car.HS2

Vrissy texts Harry Anderson about helping her hide the corpse, which Harry falsely believes to be a ruse, and decides to play along. The trio carry Gamzee through the halls, but his fake god tier outfit gets caught on a fire sprinkler, sounding the fire drill and causing everyone to run out of their classrooms.HS2 They run into a supply cabinet for safe hiding, only to be camera-monitored by Jane. Jane swears revenge on the Vriskas for captur[ing] [her] sweet baby and corrupt[ing] his mindHS2 She proceeds to have the aforementioned conversation with Jake.HS2 Harry Anderson waits on the front stairway of the school, still believing the situation was a prank, finds he was wrong and affirms it with an oh fuck. HS2

Chapter 3: How Are Your Feelings - 01/17/20[]

Page 96HS2 to Page 118HS2

The narrative takes a turn into the Meat Epilogue, where a 17th-century style ship with a large engine blasts through space, inhabited by the remaining main protagonists. Jade Harley, still possessed by Alternate Calliope, muses that the prince's power growsHS2, most likely referring to Ultimate Dirk and his blurry plan as she barges through the (notably locked) door of Dave Strider and Karkat Vantas' bedroom. Karkat, upon awakening to this jumpscare, flails out of the sheets, disgruntled by the 5 am alarm call. Jade assures them that her power grows as well, providing no comfort for the listening. The couple brushes her mumbling off as her regular persona and go downstairs for coffee. They are greeted by Roxy Lalonde as Jade looms over them. Dave then leaves to find and check up on Kanaya MaryamHS2, grim after her wife's kidnapping. He finds her on the observation deck, and they converse about the events of the game and how much everyone has changed since they first began, with Kanaya saying that she connects pretty much everything to Rose. Dave tells Kanaya that she stayed the most familiar, which she gets a laugh out of. It is clear that Rose feels like a taboo subject to Dave, even if Kanaya reminisces about her from time to time openly. The scene cuts back to Karkat and Roxy, in which Karkat then asks him about Dave's safety. He also rants about how the game and how he seemed to get the least torment, such as an easily beaten denizen and lack of battle.

Chapter 4: The Contest - 02/15/20[]

Page 119HS2 to Page 143HS2

Still in the Meat universe, after crash-landing on the planet Deltritus, Terezi, Dirk and Rose gather in a cave to discuss their next move.HS2 Terezi soon leaves to be on her own, after having been locked in the ship with the others for the last three years. Dirk explains his plan to Rose: To create a new intelligent species, and develop it into an advanced society guaranteed to beat SBURB when the time comes, as he doesn't believe the inhabitants of Earth C are up to the task.HS2 Rose is hesitant whether it's morally acceptable for them to play god, but Dirk claims that having beaten SBURB themselves gives them the right, and that not taking action when it's clearly needed is what's actually immoral. Eventually he ends up using his power as narrator to sway Rose, and she relents.

Dirk elaborates, that his plan is for the both of them to create their own species, using Ectobiology and Alchemy, out of their own DNA, and having them compete to get to play SBURB. He shows Rose a new machine he made, which can combine the DNA from paradox slime with captchalogue cards, and they get to work.HS2

Chapter 5: YOUR 3Y3S H4V3 B33N CLOS3D - 02/24/20[]

Page 144HS2 to Page 144HS2

Still on Deltritus, Rose goes looking for Terezi and finds her among the ruins of the crashed ship, looking at her unconscious original body. Rose states that she will never wake up, as that wouldn't make for a compelling story, which is their only current objective. She also notes that Terezi doesn't seem passionate about their goal, which she admits to. Rose tries to diagnose her with depression, but Terezi turns it around, bringing up how Rose acts completely apathetic to having left their whole lives behind, specifically mentioning Kanaya. Tensions escalate, as Rose grabs Terezi, lifting her off the ground, and states that she does miss her old life, but their mission here is more important than anything, and so there's no point feeling bad about it. Terezi headbutts her, and the two take to wrestling on the ground. Soon Rose has Terezi pinned to the ground, and the two are seemingly about to share a kiss, when Dirk suddenly interjects through narration.

He states, that We were passing the Bechdel test and advancing none of the plot. There were hardly any panels. That's not my Homestuck. You people are here for logic. Systems. Weird plot shit. Lore. Not this. With that, he goes back to developing his species, and it's implied that Rose and Terezi continue on off-screen.

Chapter 6: A Conversation Regarding Relevance - 03/12/20[]

Page 145HS2 to Page 169HS2

On the Meat pursuit spacecraft, Alternate Calliope and Jade bicker about the tastefulness of pulpy orange juiceHS2, and then about how much suffering both have gone through in the game.

The scenery then shifts into a dark expanse, symbolizing the soul and "empty space" of Jade's body. Jade then apologizes and admits defeat. Callie then goes on a tangent on how Jade despairs over the lost love of Dave and Karkat,HS2 in which Jade declines, challenging Callie on her idea that she is doomed to pine over them in every timeline. She then reveals that she can read Callie's thoughts, and how she could feel Dirk controlling them into believing what he wanted them to. She asks about Kanaya's abilities as a space player, in which Calliope says aren't as powerful due to a number of reasons, like her status as non-god-tier and she is a living dead, but dead nonetheless.HS2 She also mentions that her powers are suited to her aspect, and do not include the ones that witches have tailored to them, or at least are not as powerful.

Callie remarks that she could, in theory, give Jade's body back until needed, but won't due to her most likely sabotaging her plans while awake, on account of her fickleness and instability of her relationships.HS2 Jade, in anger, distracts Callie before attacking her, which gives her the chance to control her body and attempt suicide via peanut allergy.HS2 She threatens Callie by pointing out that her taking control of Jade and the narrative could be viewed as Just and Jade killing herself could be viewed as Heroic. Before Jade can finish eating a deadly peanut butter candy, Callie appears to release control of her.HS2

Chapter 7: Distress Call From the Closet - 04/03/20[]

Page 170HS2 to Page 191HS2

After the events of Clown Logistics, Vrissy, Vriska and Tavros are still hiding in the closet at Harry Anderson's school with Gamzee's corpse.HS2 Vrissy gets a phone call from Harry Anderson, who just learned that they weren't that they weren't just pulling a prank on him. He tells them to meet him at his mom's house, as it should be empty at the moment, and rushed there himself. However, when he gets there, Roxy is home talking to John. John asks if he'd like to go on a drive with him, which Harry accepts to get his dad away from the house. He also asks his mom to go to the store for some snacks, so Vrissy and the others can sneak in and hide in the house.

Vrissy, Vriska, and Tavros arrive at the house just as Roxy is leaving. Harry Anderson tells them over the phone to wait for him in his room. Vriska gets ready to break a window, but Vrissy stops her, saying I have a key, duh,HS2 which seemingly makes Tavros jealous. While waiting inside they note that the news of their crime is going viral online.

Meanwhile, Karkat and Meenah Peixes are passing time taking pot-shots at scouting drones. The narration explains, that Karkat has become a powerful symbol and figurehead for the revolution, and so Meenah and the other rebel leaders wont allow him anywhere near danger. Swifer Eggmop passes him a newspaper, which features the news of Gamzee's death, along with a picture of the trio. Karkat is shocked to recognize Vriska, noting that SHE *WOULD* FIND SOME WAY TO WRECK MY SHIT FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. The article also has a statement from Jane, in which she claims that the rebels are behind this, and that they kidnapped Tavros, and forced him to participate. Checking online, they see that the public opinion is largely on their side, but Karkat says that if the people all turn against Jane so quickly, it will give her a reason to enact martial law. Finally he makes his decision: NOW WE PIVOT FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS. I NEED TO TALK TO EGBERT.

John, after getting home, gets a call from Karkat, asking about Harry Anderson's safety. John has no idea about anything going on, so Karkat tells him to turn on TV, any channel. Seeing the news, John bursts out laughing, and after finally calming down, states: karkat, this can be how we win. i know what we need to do.HS2

Chapter 8: A Daughter Astray - 4/13/20[]

Page 192HS2 to Page 235HS2

Jane observes the current news on social media, contemplating the current tragedy involving Gamzee and her son. She vocalizes her concerns to Jake, wondering if he's the only one who's still loyal, while Brain Ghost Dirk observes from the background. Jane forms a plan for revenge against the rebels, a way to take an eye for an eyeHS2, as she states.

Meanwhile, at Roxy's house, the kids converse. Harry is conflicted over his dad's previous escapades, supplied by Vriska. He is concerned that his dad will find out about their situation and fears John will be angry or disappointed. Seconds later, Harry's phone rings, with John on the opposite end. On the other side of the room, Tavros tries to console Vrissy as she struggles with the appearance of a more powerful version of her, whom Vrissy sees as superior. She feels intimidated and mildly jealous of how easily Vriska talks to Harry. She feels irrelevant compared to Harry and wants Vriska's attention on her. At the same time, Harry picks up his phone and an excited John replies. John proclaims how proud he is of Harry Anderson and the two talk about the situation. John asks Harry to meet him at the nearby bell tower and leaves him with several bits of advice.

In a nearby rebel ship, Rose and Kanaya struggle to get in contact with their daughter.HS2 None of the kids pick up, and the two wonder the implications of Vriska's return. They are soon interrupted by Alfonz, who reports that both the reconnaissance team and scouting party have returned. Jade, who reveals herself as a member of the scouting party, erratically explaining to Rose that THEYVE TAKEN YIFFY!!!!!!! D:HS2 Kanaya looks to Rose in confusion, and Jade and Rose proceed to explain everything to her offscreen.

Vriska becomes frustrated over the the bickering between Harry, Tavros, and Vrissy over their plan of action. She lashes out at the kids, insulting them and demanding that they follow her lead if they want to leave the house.HS2 Vriska sends Harry to his room to find a weapon, where he allocates his pair of sewing scissors to his strife specibus.HS2 At Harry's return, Vriska explains that she's just going to walk out the door. She is bombarded by reporters and police when she leaves and is asked if there are any words she'd like to say. While making a speech for the reporters, Vriska gets lightly scathed by a bullet, encouraging an entourage of Jane's Secret Police to attack. Vriska snaps her fingers and her god tier outfit manifests. She proceeds to attack several of the reporters, punching several and rolling her dice. A car is flipped and the reporters and police grow fearful, unmotivated to pursue the four as they run. The kids hurry through a nearby plaza until they eventually arrive at the base of the bell tower, a statue eulogizing Dirk.HS2 John is there waiting at the top of the tower and receives a warm embrace from Vriska as soon as the kids arrive. Harry and John speak in private while Rose, Kanaya, and Jade fly over. Jade explains that theres something [she] need to tell [him]HS2 , revealing a secret she and Rose have kept for 15 years. Around the time Harry Anderson was born, Jade had also wanted a kid after noticing the trend among her friends. Due to genetic complications, however, she herself was unable to bear a child. Jade went to Rose for help, who agreed to be her surrogate. The two explain how Yiffany Longstocking Lalonde Harley was born, and that she's now been captured by Jane in retaliation for Tavros's betrayal. Later, John questions Dave's disappearance.HS2

Chapter 9: How Goes the Eulogizing, Dear? - 05/19/20[]

Page 236HS2 to Page 262HS2

While attempting to write a eulogy for her dead clown lover HS2, Jane is interrupted by Jake, carrying coffee and a dog bowl. Jane takes the coffee and directs Jake toward Yiffany, where he places down the bowl of mac and cheese. After he leaves, Yiffy throws her bowl at Jane's screen in indignation as she stands up and growls.HS2 Jane presses a button on her desk, and the collar around Yiffany's neck buzzes with electricity, the shock causing the teen to pass out.HS2 Jane lectures her, revoking the truce she had made with Rose and Jade over Yiffy's protection. She leaves, warning the girl to be a good hostage and get some restHS2, explaining that they have a big day tomorrow.

Later that night in rebel bunks, Vrissy lies awake, simultaneously messaging Harry and Tavros. Harry asks if Vrissy wants to discuss the events that recently took place, noticing how it affected her. Vrissy compares this to moirallegiance and asks him to drop it.HS2 After a few moments, Harry explains how he saw the adults having a serious conversation earlier, which Kanaya nudged him to walk away from. Though it could have been a strategy meeting, the mood seemed really serious, he adds. Vrissy soon suddenly falls asleep mid conversation, leaving Harry to wonder about the whereabouts of Uncle Dave alone. Some time earlier in the same place, Vrissy complains about the news of Yiffy to Tavros, angry that she seemed to be the only one who was upset. Tavros denies this, saying that Kanaya looked even angrier than Vrissy the entire conversation. This leads toward Vrissy falling asleep, as noted in Harry's previous conversations with her. Later, Harry messages Tavros, asking what does it feel like to know someone who's died?HS2

Chapter 10: 1 WOND3R WH4T TH3Y T4ST3 L1KE - 05/31/20[]

Page 263HS2 to Page 276HS2

Terezi wakes up under an arboreal ambulator and looks at wildlife for a while, including the strange creatures created by Dirk and Rose, before encountering a centipede-tree-horse thing, which she attempts to run from, until she twists her ankle and is picked up by a vine. However, the beast is commanded to > STOP by Rose. Terezi, Rose, and Dirk then talk about how they were steered into playing The Game itself, before Rose leaves the conversation to get Terezi down from there, after which Dirk and Terezi talk about Dirk's narration powers.

Chapter 11: History's Most Notorious Haters - 08/06/20[]

Page 277HS2 to Page 290HS2

Davebot and Aradia Megido from but not in the Candy Timeline, talk inside a spaceship, with Aradia throwing fruits for Dave to slice. At this point it is revealed that they forgot Sollux on the inside of the event horizon. Alternate Calliope, possessing a corpse of Jade and covered in Lord English's blood, interjects into the conversation. One week later, Aradia reveals her age, as prompted by Alternate Calliope since Dave asked a week ago, which is answered by oh maybe a few hundred years or so, as she hopped between a lot of timelines. Alternate Calliope gets knocked out by her hold on Jade's corpse being severed.

Chapter 12: Really Convoluted Metaphorical Horseshit - 08/23/20[]

Page 291HS2 to Page 302HS2

Dave and Karkat talk about Kanaya's weird flower story metaphor,

Chapter 13: The Funeral - 09/16/20[]

Page 303HS2 to Page 326HS2

Chapter 14: The Best Laid Plans - 09/30/20[]

Page 327HS2 to Page 375HS2

Chapter 15: Ok So There's This Flower - 11/29/20[]

Page 376HS2 to Page 393HS2

Roxy calls a meeting that consists of just him and Dave, though Jade, returned to her normal state, ignores them from a few feet away. The discuss 'ship etiquette', which refers to both the space ship they're on and the ship 'davekat'. Roxy, tired of walking in on Dave and Karkat kissing, requests that they stop making out all over the ship, to which Dave agrees. The conversation turns to Dirk, and their quest. They speculate on whether they are doing the right thing, or just the thing that feels right at the time, and whether it's true that every story needs a villain. Interrupted by a distant scream from Karkat, the two begin talking about Callie, and how since Jade has retaken control of her body, they are out of hiding more, and most likely are not living in the vents. Karkat's scream was prompted by finding one of Callie's gifts, consisting of piles of meat.

Chapter 16: Welcome to my Secret Lair - 12/25/20[]

Page 394HS2 to Page 407HS2

BEYOND CANON - 10/8/23[]

Page 408HS2 to Page 454HS2

Terezi acts out a courtblock scene on her own,HS2 then grows tired of this scenario and instead roleplays as a noir detective.HS2

John continues into the Meteor laboratory looking for Jade, Rose, and Kanaya, but finds Sollux instead; as he leaves, Sollux insists that John change [his] game f0r [him].HS2

(Be Vrissy.) - 10/25/23[]

Page 455HS2 to Page 475HS2

Vriska and Vrissy are locked in a deserted jail cell with only a painted key on the floor to help them escape.HS2 Vrissy exercises her Sicknasty Brain ExploitablesHS2 on a nearby guard to escape, coinciding with a sudden mobilization of Jane's troopsHS2 to stop John, Roxy and Calliope by get[ting] to The Point!!HS2

Vrissy does her own thingHS2 and follows by stowing awayHS2 on a Crockercorp transport truck, while Vriska observesHS2 Jane's plan through a grate in one of the prison complex's air vents.

(Jake: Eavesdrop.) - 11/16/23[]

Page 476HS2 to Page 496HS2

Jake spies on Jane speaking about getting to The Point, then reports to Meenah. Roxy joins the call and learns that Jane will be heading for her location.

Meanwhile, Vriska finishes her Jailbreak Adventure just as John comes by to rescue her. Vriska talks to John about how fake the Candy timeline is, how it's like someone's shitty RP, and everyone's out of characterHS2, but John doesn't understand what she means. He tells her that things felt pretty pointless for a while, but now he's pretty sure things are real. Vriska is unconvinced. They both fly off to The Point.

Months ago, but not many. - 12/17/2023[]

Page 497HS2 to Page 532HS2

Candy Alternate Calliope, who was ejected from Jade's body when Meat Alternate Calliope was forced to stop possessing Jade, stands over Jade's corpse. Meat Alternate Calliope, meanwhile, hovers behind Meat Jade unbeknownst to her. These two versions of Alternate Calliope consider one another, and then merge into one.

Aradia and Davebot take selfies and talk about time, and about the people they left behind on Candy Earth C. Weeks later, Aradia suggests they pop over to a place where nothing seems quotation marks right, a place that seems completely removed from what we would traditionally consider to matter at allHS2. Dave agrees, and they pop over to somewhere unseen and then return seconds later.

Now consolidated, Alternate Calliope once again gains control over the dead teen Jade's body. She tells Aradia and Davebot that it's time to get to work and that she has somewhere to be.

(Be Harry Anderson Egbert.) - 1/16/2024[]

Page 533HS2 to Page 553HS2

Several hours prior, Harry is stuck at home. He thinks of his father, who had returned for a visit earlier that morning before leaving Harry alone to go to Roxy's room to talk. Harry heads to his own room and notices clothes and fabrics strewn about the floor, a consequence of Vriska's prior visit. Harry decides to change up his look, and tries out various outfits. Shortly after, he hears a creak from his mother's room, and, assuming the worst, leaves the house hastily.

In the park, Harry tries to contact Vrissy. When she doesn't respond, he contacts Tavvy, who also hasn't heard from her. Freaking out now, Harry contacts Vrissy again to tell her how grateful he is that she was his matesprit, hoping nothing bad had happened to her. At last, Vrissy responds, and tells him that she couldn't respond earlier as she was in jail. Vrissy meets Harry at the park and they wait to be picked up by her parents. Her parents' ship lands, and Vrissy and Harry stare in shock at what they see.

(Be Yiffany Longstocking.) - 2/10/2024[]

Page 554HS2 to Page 576HS2

Around one hour prior, Yiffy, having just been rescued, endures a barrage of kisses from Jade before Jade, Rose, and Kanaya head to another room to discuss the circumstances leading to her existence. With the adults gone, Tavvy gets a soda for Yiffy, which Yiffy refuses. Not content to wait around, Yiffy breaks into a vent in order to eavesdrop on the adults. Tavvy follows.

The adults, meanwhile, discuss the lie that led to Yiffy. Kanaya is angry, Rose is relatively unapologetic, and Jade just wants everyone to get along. Rose says she agreed to the arrangement with Jade for a variety of reasons, but that, more than anything, it felt oddly inevitable. Rose says it ultimately wouldn't matter anyway, since she knew Kanaya would forgive her.

Jade explains that she brought Jane into the situation because she'd have the resources to give Yiffany a normal life, rather than one where people would befriend her just to get access to Jade or bark at her in the street. Kanaya sympathizes, but questions why they would keep it from her for fifteen years after the damage had already been done. Jade doesn't have an answer, and before she can think of what to say, Tavvy falls through the ceiling and knocks her out, knocking loose a captchalogue card containing a stuffed body. An incoming transmission from Meenah interrupts any further discussion of the issue.

==> - 03/15/24[]

Page 577HS2 to Page 601HS2

Roxy and Jade discuss the differences between epiphytes (a type of plant that lives attached to another) and parasites. While their backs are turned, Roxy puts Kanaya and Jade to sleep with Special stardust, and Jade and Kanaya wake up in a dream bubble that Calliope had prepared earlier. At its center is a green door, which all four of them go through. On the other side is the Home, which has now grown upwards in a chaotic arrangement.

Calliope explains that they are hiding in the dream bubble to avoid Alternate Calliope, who had been expelled from Jade earlier. Alternate Calliope appears and says that she never left. Alternate Calliope doesn't believe the Home can be restored to its original form, but thinks its growth can be curbed by bringing the story to a swift conclusion, which she plans to do. Alternate Calliope snaps her fingers and wakes them all up.

Dirk: Say hello. - 04/13/24[]

Page 602HS2 to Page 614HS2

Dirk invites the audience back to Meat timeline and explains that he and Rose are just about ready to begin the Contest. He expresses disappointment that Terezi has decided to automate her part in the Contest, but ultimately allows it, believing Terezi wouldn't jeopardize the Contest when she needs it to save John.

Rose says that she's becoming repulsed by the Contest as it nears and is glad that Dirk agreed to timeskip the Deltritans' development. Dirk feels that he is losing control of Rose and prepares to use his narration to regain control, but stops himself when Rose thanks him for bringing her along. She tells him that although she is less than enchanted with this stage of the work, she does still think it's important. Hearing that, Dirk says that he's glad that Rose understands – he's doing this for all of them.

(Big Kahuna: Check the door.) - 05/08/24[]

Page 615HS2 to Page 625HS2

(Jane: Educate these fools on the art of war.) - 05/22/24[]

Page 626HS2 to Page 637HS2

(John and Vriska: Touch down.) - 06/12/24[]

Page 638HS2 to Page 650HS2

John and Vriska arrive at the meteor, and Calliope unveils The Plot Point.

(==>) - 06/26/24[]

Page 651HS2 to Page 655HS2

[S] {Vriska: Come to.} - 07/06/24[]

Page 656HS2 to Page 665HS2


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