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The second intermission is titled The Man in the Cairo Overcoat.HS.svg and is extremely short, consisting of a single Flash.

  • HS.svg Following from the Great Undoing and the end of the trolls' universe, the remoteHS.svg to the rogue virusHS.svg that Sollux had copied earlier. The "Execute(EnglishO.gif)" subprogram is activated. The view is changed to the remains of Doc Scratch's apartment seemingly drifting within the Green Sun. Inside is Doc Scratch, lying in front of his grandfather clock with the cue ball at the bottom of its pendulum. With one final tick, the body of Lord English begins to emerge from Scratch's carcass, growing muscular, veiny arms and legs, as well as a cuestick pegleg. English retrieves his Cairo Overcoat from the Fourth Wall as Jade crosses the Yellow Yard, as the grandfather clock glows a rainbow of colors and the pendulum appears broken, signifying the break of Doc Scratch's head. (t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS) English's head is revealed as a monstrous, green skull-like version of Lil Cal, with the pool ball eyes and a golden fang. He becomes entombed in his Cairo Overcoat, which appears to be able to transform into a sarcophagus, and is sent back in time. English then lets out two monstrous honks, showing that the Vast Honk has come. (honk HONK)
  • HS.svg The curtains close on Intermission 2.


  • Unlike the first intermission, and the subsequent Act 6 intermissions, the commands in this one are not preceded with a tag, such as "[I2]."
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