Honeybee Professor
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Chief Architect


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Being Muted

The Honeybee Professor is the Chief Architect of the worker bees that manage the Comb Rave system. He offers sage Protips throughout the adventure as well. He first appears when the Fractal Prospectus opens to warn you that a fractaline matter/energy accretion has occurred, but he is then ignored by the player through the MS Paint Adventures Interface, which appears to just be a Windows pop-up that lets you mute the guy. He then re-appears when Pickle Inspector attempts to drop a window through another window in the control room. He dies unhappily when the windows get pushed into each other and is then seen pollinating the afterlifeMspa icon, and afterward is seen taking charge of creating the combs needed for the Comb Raves. The Honeybee Professor is infamously androgynous. The Honeybee Professor's dark (non-canonical) counterpart is Professor Wasp, who prefers to meddle in everything.

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