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For the post-scratch version of this character, see E%ecutor Darkleer / the Expatri8.

Horuss Zahhak is the Page of Void and Equius' dancestor. Not much is known about him, apart from what was revealed in Openbound part 3.


He is one of the few A1 trolls whose name was not suggested in the name suggestion box for their descendant. It could have been derived from "Horace Focker", jokingly suggested by Varinn.

The name Horuss is a play from "Horus", the Egyptian god of the sky, war and hunting, and the word "horse". Horuss is the god of many things, and this may be a reference to Horuss being a "troll Renaissance man". Horus was also conceived by the use of a golden phallus, so the name may tie in to the Zahhaks' phallic associations.


Upon exiting the meteor back into the dream bubble as Meenah a small "scene" (Aranea's exposition) gives more information about some of the post-scratch "ancestors":

The Page of Void was a self taught master of mechanics, an avid patron of the fine arts, a passionate 8ody 8uilder, archer, am8rosia collector and steamwright. A poet, a scholar, a warrior, a lover, he was all that his caste demanded and more. A true troll Renaissance man. His name means "He Who Stalks With The Muscle8easts." 8ut all of his proficiencies were hard won, 8uilt from the 8lank slate as his aspect would imply, advancing at the slow pace his class would as well. Yet in spite of all he worked to make something of himself, he amounted to very little. Responsi8le for neither great feats of heroism nor acts of villainy, he was just another game piece to 8e moved a8out the 8oard. The aspect ruling his life would always conspire to dampen his relevance. Void is easily the most mysterious aspect, the one which inherently defies rational understanding. This makes it particularly fascinating, and just as frustrating, to light players such as myself. Casting illumination upon nothing itself is futile. For to truly know void is to paradoxically cause it not to 8e! The role of the void player is to somehow em8race nothingness, to 8ecome one with it. And yet in total contradiction with this, to make use of the power it grants and serve a role of relevance, one must find a way to overcome it! To see the limitless potential in the void. To find everything within nothing, and 8ring it into 8eing.

Personality and Traits[]

Horuss is polite, mindful of cursing, interested with horses, and makes references to sweat much like his dancestor. He also tends to unsettle those around him with his odd interests and tendencies, again, like his dancestor. He has also taken it upon himself to be more optimistic in order to abide by the wishes of Meulin, and makes an effort to please others and talk more openly and freely about his feelings. While he takes to this task with gusto and only reverts to his older, gloomier self when ordered to by Meenah, Horuss doesn't quite perform chipper friendliness properly, as he has a bad habit of talking over others, especially his matesprit Rufioh who often cannot get a word in edgewise. This is a stark contrast with Equius, who talked little throughout the story prior to his death and in a terse, severe tone on all occasions.

He also believes that he is a being consisting of multiple entities (which he sometimes refers to as "souls") that simultaneously are him and separate beings inhabiting his body, including the souls of at least two ancient legendary musclebeasts, various kinds of devices including hivehold appliances, planets, star systems, several universes, abstract concepts which no language can describe, and at least one "soul" from Alterniasia (which he believes helps him understand Damara's language).

He also used to think that those lower on the hemospectrum of him were not worth his time before he befriended Rufioh in the woods where the Lost Weeaboos lived. Unlike Equius, he got angry at those lower than him and scared Rufioh with his contempt for him and Damara. He primarily associated with cobalt, indigo, and purple-blooded trolls before he befriended Rufioh. In the dreambubbles, while he still sometimes acts rude to those lower than him by calling them "peasants", he is far more willing to treat them with respect than he used to be. Also, he still treats starting romantic relationships with someone significantly up or down on the hemospectrum like a scandalous act, despite his loving relationship with Rufioh, and he was embarrassed when others found out he and Rufioh were matesprits.

He deeply respects Equius, Nepeta, as well as their moirallegiance, and became moirails with Meulin, who he previously didn't care about, after being inspired by their story.


Rufioh Nitram[]

Horuss is in a matespritship with Rufioh, which started in secret before the trolls started their session while Rufioh was still dating Damara. However, Rufioh is unhappy with the relationship and it appears that he is moving to end it. Rufioh seems somewhat annoyed and disturbed by Horuss's multiple identities. At the moment, Horuss is "unaware" of any coming breakup, or indeed any tension at all.

Damara Megido[]

The connection between Damara and Horuss is largely obscured, but Damara is said to constantly warn Rufioh of the weakness of his matespritship. Horuss is unable to have meaningful conversations with her, since he cannot understand her lowblood speak. She frequently teases him with lewd, flirtatious remarks, and even offers to have sex with him although Horuss has trouble understanding most of it.

Meulin Lejion[]

While Meulin and Horuss are fairly loving towards one another, their relationship is far from perfect. Horuss often has trouble understanding Meulin's mimes. Meulin actively teaches Horuss to suppress his anger and other negative emotions at all times and substitute it for a happier attitude instead. He smiles a lot because of what Meulin taught him about emotions, even when it's physically painful for him. However, he doesn't seem resentful of Meulin whatsoever.



  • Part of his typing quirk is to prefix his sentences with an emoticon that looks like a horse or "Hoofbeast"'s face or his own goggled smile, but which more obviously resembles a penis to a human. Meenah and Rufioh are put-off by the image, though they do not recognize it as a phallus either.
  • In Hussie's exposition to Damara, the selection menu misspells his name as "Horrus".
  • His moirallegiance with Meulin mirrors that of their dancestors, and indeed was directly inspired by the pair of them observing the happiness Equius and Nepeta share.
  • His fascination with musclebeasts and belief that he is, himself, a horse is a reference to the concept of "otherkin," specifically Therians. He shares this with Cronus, who believes he is a human.
  • His hair is styled into a ponytail, another reference to horses.
  • His title, as the "Page of Void", is part of a progression concerning pre- and post-scratch Class changes between Dancestors. The pre-scratch trolls included the titles Mage of Heart, Heir of Doom, Page of Void, and Rogue of Breath, while the post-scratch session included the Rogue of Heart, Mage of Doom, Heir of Void, and Page of Breath.


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