Hot sauce is an inventory item in Problem Sleuth. It is a potent liquid which provides a boost to a character's Vim.

Pickle Inspector has a large bottle of hot sauce in his office. It was fairly tame hot sauce; the boost in Pickle Inspector's Vim still wasn't enough to allow him to wield the Machine Gun, and the effect wore off after the overhead sprinklers cooled him off. This was due to Pickle Inspector's maximum possible Vim being horribly insufficient.

When combined with illicit moonshine and shit, hot sauce creates an unpleasant slurry.

5 Alarm Hot Sauce Edit


5 Alarm Hot Sauce is an extremely potent type of hot sauce. The alchemical formula for the list of ingredients came from a Code Machine. It was created by combining three different types of horns, spicy protrusions dropped by horny Beasts when they are killed, and the chipotle pepper that had been stored under Ace Dick's hat and leaving it to ferment and simmer in a still. The resulting explosion is phenomenal and leaves behind a shimmering liquid which tastes like intense pain.

Ace Dick consumed a quantity of 5 Alarm Hot Sauce, transforming him into Fiesta Ace Dick, permanently increasing his Vim by massive amounts. Later, when Mobster Kingpin consumed a quantity of Fiesta Ace Dick, he transformed into Fiesta Mobster Kingpin.

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