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Humans are a sapient species from the planet Earth, appearing in much of MS Paint Adventures and its spinoffs. A majority of the users of the MSPA Wiki are also humans.


The characters of Bard Quest appear to be mostly human.

While the cast of Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth resemble carapacians in appearance, some of them have erroneously been referred to as having "sensible human anatomyMspa icon.png". The Sleuth himself has been known to appreciate the diversity of the human raceMspa icon.png.

In Homestuck[]

Humans are one of a number of species featured prominently in Homestuck, alongside the trolls, cherubs, carapacians and others. Importantly, the Heroes of Sburb heralding from Earth were four human children, who each had at least one human guardian. After the scratch, four of these guardians also became Heroes. Andrew Hussie, the author of MS Paint Adventures, can be presumed to be human.

Important humans[]

A recurring pattern among Homestuck's humans is first names four characters long followed by surnames of six or seven characters, but this is evidently not a hard and fast rule.

In Hiveswap[]

Hiveswap: Act 1 introduces several new human characters, biological children of Jake Harley and a mysterious woman. Only Joey reappears in Act 2, disguising herself as a troll in order to better blend in on Alternia.

History and culture[]

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Cultural references in Homestuck indicate that the history of humans in Universe B is essentially the same as the human history of the real world, save for a few important events to the Homestuck timeline. Chief among these are the arrival of the Frog Temple meteors in both B1 and B2, accompanied by the first guardians Becquerel and the God Cat respectively.

In B1, Jane and Jake's meteors landed in the early 1900s, with Roxy and Dirk following in the late 1900s and the four Hero children in the 1990s. The biggest diversion from the real life history of the humanity occurred in 2009, with the near-extinction of the human race thanks to the Reckoning.

In B2, it was John and Jade's meteors which fell first, followed by Rose and Dave's, then Jane and Jake's. A major change occurred on the 11th of November, 2011, when Crockercorp formally rebranded and subsequently began its takeover of the planet (though based on the variety of products already being offered by Crockercorp in 2011, it may be possible history diverged at some point slightly prior to this). Humanity was subjugated over the next few centuries by the Condesce, and were all but extinct when Roxy and Dirk's meteors arrived in 2409. By this time the Condesce had replaced humans with carapacians as Earth's dominant sapient race.

Human traditions relating to the zodiac stem from some kind of cultural imprint left the twelve troll Heroes who created their universe.

After Homestuck[]

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After the defeat of Lord English and the creation of the new Universe C, humans return to the planet Earth, though now sharing it with the troll, carapacian and consort races.


Unlike some other species, humans have only one blood color, a trait and hue shared with carapacians and consorts (and with a select few members of the troll race, namely Karkat and Kankri Vantas). They also share a "humanoid" form with a majority of Homestuck's sapient species, a majority of specimens having one head, two limbs of manipulation called arms, and two limbs of locomotion called legs. As humans were actually the creation of a group of trolls, however, their form might be more accurately described as "trolloid", or indeed may derive from an even more ancient species altogether.

Aranea Serket refers to human reproduction as exclusively heterosexualHS.svg; that is, in nature, a human child is usually born from the union of a female sex cell with one a male sex cell (rather than anything to do with human gender or sexuality). Sburb's second-generation ectobiology mimics this, combining genes from Jane and Jake to create the infants John and Jade, and creating Rose and Dave from the genes of Roxy and Dirk.

In The Homestuck Epilogues and Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)[]

Beginning with The Homestuck Epilogues, Jane Crocker, assisted by her friend Dirk Strider, begins a campaign of human superiority over the other races of Earth C, specifically raising concern that trolls reproduce far faster than humans.