Prisoner holding hunk rump

The Guy from Jailbreak with multiple issues of Hunk Rump.

Hunk Rump is a popular brand of gay pornography magazine and an ongoing gag featured throughout the MS Paint Adventures. There are also Hunk Rump cardsMspa icon and calendarsMspa icon as well as a different brand of magazines called Black Inches and Hunk's JunkMspa icon. Hunk Rump pornography has been known to make Elves cry.

In the continuation of Jailbreak, an issue of Hunk's Junk is forged into a mighty Paper Sword.

In Bard Quest, when the Bard asks the blacksmith for +5 issues of [his] finest gay porn magazinesMspa icon he is thrown out of the store with a Hunk Rump magazine.

In Problem Sleuth extra number 26, a trading card game addition to the franchise is added in the form of Hunk Rump: The GatheringMspa icon.

In Homestuck, Bro's website "plush rump," may have been inspired by the Hunk Rump magazines. Furthermore, Snowman owns a whip called Black Inches. Clubs Deuce from the trolls' session of Sgrub carries an issue of Black Inches in his inventory. The cover of Homestuck Vol. 9 depicts Jake English holding a Hunk Rump card in his hand, along with normal playing cards, much like the Problem Sleuth donation command.


  • Incidentally, a fan had registered in homage to MS Paint Adventures, but it has since been deleted.
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