The Imaginary City Streets are the roads that make up the downtown districts of the imaginary universe. Imaginary vehicles traverse these streets, such as cheese trucks, bread trucks, ham trucks, and cabs.

It was first shown as Problem Sleuth looks outside his false window.

From outside Problem's Sleuth's false window are visible a man with an UGLY DOG, as well as whatever is thrown out of windows.

According to the map given to the player, there are a few locations available to visit. In the upper right corner is the Boulangere District. In order to visit there you must ride an incredibly thin vehicle by passing through the Beanpole Alley. Southwest of there is the Fromagere District. Heading Southeast is the Square Shoulder Tolls, which has an average exit to drive through. Only a square like vehicle will fit through there. Next to the Tolls, is the Ham Needle, which is a critical part of the game. It resides next to the Bouchere District. Southwest of there is the Jack Squat Underpass, which requires an incredibly short vehicle to pass through, like a Ham Truck. This leads to the Gutterpipe Projects.

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