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In Pesterquest Edit


Jade Harley is briefly mentioned in the first few volumes of Pesterquest, namely Volumes 2 and 3. However, her more prominent role is during her route in Volume 4, where the MSPA Reader visits Jade in her house. While initially hostile, Jade eventually becomes friends with the reader and her dog, Becquerel, as she tours the reader around her abode. Her route revolves heavily on the consequences of the reader's actions and what that means for her and her friends' destiny, considering how the reader stole John's copy of Sburb, preventing him from entering the game. There might even be some sleepover fun in there as well. To learn more, see Jade's route: 'The Loneliest Girl In The World'.

Jade is later seen in the 9th volume, where Dave visits her as the two play with her squiddles, before being interrupted by the teleporting MSPA Reader and their new, freaked-out friend, Nepeta Leijon. Jade, alongside Dave, initially tries to be friendly with the alien, though she quickly sprints toward the window, not realizing that Jade lives within a tower. The Reader teleports her back to her hive, but unfortunately, ends up bringing Dave and Jade along as well. Nepeta's lusus, sensing intruders, attacks Jade. What happens next is dependent on the reader's choice:

  • If the reader fails to block the attack, Jade shoots and kills the lusus, angering Nepeta in the process. She attacks the marksman, who then flees from the cave. Dave follows her into the woods, which is the last time the two are seen.
  • If the reader does block the attack, however, they take the full brunt of the blow, prompting Dave, Jade, and Nepeta to try patching them up quickly and prevent further blood loss. The attack causes the three to grow accustomed to each other more, and when the reader eventually comes to, Jade can be seen with her friends helping them as well as exchanging stories. Jade is last seen with the two checking out Nepeta's shipping wall while the reader rests.

In The Homestuck Epilogues Edit

From the reader's point of view, Jade's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where her Canon biography ended.


Retcon-recruited teen Edit

John, using his retcon powers to zap from the epilogues back into the story proper, arrives on LOHAC. In the middle of Dave's impassioned monologue to grimbark JadeHS, the two of them become distracted and thoroughly confused seeing three Johns floating above them. Adult John sends the other two Johns away from the situation, and the remaining three kids talk through the confusing scenario. Jade is indignant but ultimately thinks bringing adult John to the Condesce would be more perplexing than helpful to her. John recruits the two teens to fight Lord English with him, since Dave has just made his legendary sword. Jade protests, but John zaps her away first, to negate her brainwashing.

John brings Jade, along with the other teen beta and alpha kids, to his own backyard on April 6th, 2009. As John gets lost in nostalgia, Dave asks about what happened to everyone in the retconned timelines, including the mayor. This prompts Jade to confess that she was about to kill the carapacian before John zapped her away, and the two of them argue. John interrupts with a lukewarm speech about sacrifice, and the group begins a messy planning session for the coming battle. Jake, who had been riding on the Green Slime Ghost Pogo, falls off and Jade goes over to help him, as well as talk to him. John walks away for a while as everyone reunites. When he returns, Jade is laughing with her teen parents near the Green Slime Ghost pogo, and John decides it's time for the group to head out. Jade seems the most excited as everyone gets up, holds hands in a circle, and zaps away.

They find themselves in a strange, dark place. Jade quickly sniffs out Caliborn, who has an intense staredown with John, brags about his MASTERPIECE, and laughs at them all as the fight begins. Not many details are given of the ensuing battle, but the narration seems to indicateMeat the kids put up more of a fight against the cherub than the initial claymation implied. Caliborn eventually feels overwhelmed and unleashes the Juju on the four beta kids, much to their shock. They all get sucked into it almost instantaneously, and Caliborn laughs at them as he returns the Juju to the chest and closes it.

After the group lands in the impossibly bright white prison, Rose quickly tries to account for everyone and their safety, with Dave and Jade answering first. Each of the kids is secluded from the others in one of the four main chambers that the Juju contains, and as shown in Act 7, this matches their arrangement on the exile stations' computer monitors. Jade asks Dave if he's okay, and the two discuss how they respectively can't feel space or time within the prison. As the fight between the alpha kids and Caliborn rages louder outside, Rose tries to ask John what her future self's plan was. John tries to fill her in, but Dave and Jade express frustration with how inaudible John is. Once he gives up on shouting, Dave and Jade take the time to loudly reminisce with each other. John eventually chimes back in with more success to shout to the other kids that THE JUJU HAS TO UNLOAD, and all they can do is wait (for quadrillions of years, from an outside perspectiveMeat).

After the Juju's eternity in the Furthest Ring and Homestuck CanonHS, Vriska eventually unleashes itHS against Lord English, and John and the others emerge from the Juju just after Vriska is sucked into the black hole herself. Jade, Rose, and Dave stand confused and frightened behind John as they all take in the scene of the black hole, the ghosts falling into it, and Lord English himself.

Earth C adult Edit


In Homestuck^2: Beyond CanonEdit


In other media Edit

MSPA Snapchat Edit

Jade is seen dressed up as Ghostbusters to match Jane, Calliope, and Roxy chasing the two Nannasprites. A troll is also seen dressed up as Jade for the costume contest. Jade later poses with John, Rose, and Dave in their costumes.

Paradox Space Edit

PrototypedPXS icon​​

Jade is seen with the rest of the Beta kids around Jack Noir as he puts on the Queen's Ring. However, thanks to John's previous antics, Jack's hand with the ring disappears, preventing him, or anyone, from putting on the ring. The four are then seen walking away, with John asking if anyone would like to watch a movie.

Interestingly enough, Jade is in the Medium before Jack puts on the ring. Whether this is due to how John prototyped his Sprite is unclear.

A Fun Day for BecPXS icon​​

Jade is seen at the end of this comic, petting Becquerel as she laughs about him staying in bed for the day again. Unbeknownst to her, Bec is seen transporting across time and space, collecting a variety of balls.

The Town Mouse and the Country MousePXS icon​​

Jade is seen hanging out with Rose on Prospit and Derse as they explore each other's moons. The two initially hang out on Prospit, which Rose appears to be uncomfortable by the whole "affection" shtick. Afterwards, the two head to Derse, where after some walking about, have a nice game of poker. Jade complains that everyone at the table is cheating, and both Rose and Jade, after a bit of bickering toward one another, decide that while each moon has their own interesting quirk they liked, they agreed to disagree on which moon is ultimately better.

Go FetchPXS icon​​

Jade is seen conversing with Rose using her Lunchmuffs, asking how to play what appears to be a session of Dungeons & Dragons. As this conversation is happening, Jade attempts to venture out on the island, all the while being stopped by Bec. Jade asks Rose to distract Bec by tossing a ball of yarn out the window, which she does, so that Jade can collect some sort of seed from a mystical flower. She thanks Rose for her help, noting that even before the game starts, she's helping get some treasure.

Secret SuffererPXS icon​​

During the three-year travel, she decides to celebrate Christmas with John and the others. However, the two get into an argument on where the Kringlefucker should go in the control room, where people can relax and snuggle next to it, or on the deck, where people can see the tree from space. Davesprite eventually breaks up the fighting with a compromise: use Jade's space powers to resize the tree on the deck and bring the top of it into the control room, so that both can enjoy the tree in their respective places.

Birds and BeesPXS icon​​

A young Jade is seen with her grandpa, asking how babies are made. Jake then goes into a lengthy and brutal explanation of ectobiology, before concluding that the storks come pick them up themselves. Jade, of course, deduces that this logic makes perfect sense, and leaves it at that.


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