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From the reader's point of view, Jane's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up where her Canon biography left off. 

Jane Crocker is one of the main characters in The Homestuck Epilogues, and serves as the main antagonist of Candy Timeline. She's significantly different from her Homestuck counterpart. Whereas her younger self was, despite being uptight and having a short fuse, caring and held no significant hatred towards different species, her older self takes a drastic change in personality, making her highly xenophobic towards trolls and even going so far as to limit their breeding so that they don't "overpopulate" the world. She has also become more corporate-centric and domineering, especially towards Jake and Tavros Crocker in the Candy Timeline. She typically follows a similar path in both timelines, albeit fairly differently.


Retcon-recruited teen Edit

John, using his retcon powers to zap from the epilogues back into the story proper, recruits god tier Jane from some unknown point in canon for the mission to fight Lord English. He then brings Jane, along with the other teen beta and alpha kids, to his own backyard on April 6th, 2009. As John gets lost in nostalgia, the beta kids ask John what happens to everyone in the retconned timelines. John struggles to answer, but gives a lukewarm speech about sacrifice, and the group begins a messy planning session for the coming battle. John walks away for a while as everyone reunites. When he returns, Jade is laughing with her teen parents near the Green Slime Ghost pogo that Jake had recently fallen off of, and John decides it's time for the group to head out. Everyone gets up, holds hands in a circle, and zaps away.

They find themselves in a strange, dark place. Jade quickly sniffs out Caliborn, who has an intense staredown with John, brags about his MASTERPIECE, and laughs at them all as the fight begins. Not many details are given of the ensuing battle, but the narration seems to indicateMeat the kids put up more of a fight against the cherub than the initial claymation implied. Caliborn eventually feels overwhelmed and unleashes the Juju on the four beta kids, much to their shock. They all get sucked into it almost instantaneously, and Caliborn laughs at them as he returns the Juju to the chest and closes it. The four alpha kids are left to fight Caliborn presumably as was shown in A6A6A5, aside from the factHS that the Juju chest apparently remains on the scene at least through the robotic horsesHS appearing. The details of this fight are also left vague.

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On Earth C, shortly after John leaves, Jane announces she is running for the presidency, alarming Dave and prompting him to convince Karkat to run against her. Dirk calls Dave as the two of them are discussing this, and reveals that he and Jane have been discussing it for a while. We first see Jane proper storming into her office in frustration - she has just learned from reporters at "her customary morning press conference" about Karkat's presidential challenge to her, and she spirals through a number of thoughts about the situation. These include a dawning realization that Dave must be behind the campaign, wavering thoughts about whether Karkat would or wouldn't make a good president, and internal debates about whether certain words and phrases she's thinking during this monologue are xenophobic.

Owing to Karkat's limited mortality, she would almost be willing to let him take the role, but she considers the stakes too high this year. This election coincides with the first generation of natural-born trolls, and despite Karkat's popularity in the troll kingdom she doesn't feel comfortable entrusting the advent of natural troll reproduction to a troll. In Jane's mind, her losing the election could lead to protests and even war. With a disappointed sigh, Jane decides that calling Jake and securing his endorsement is crucial to her success. She catches him in the middle of his and Dirk's live televised robo-wrestling/rap-battle show, where he has just woken up in the middle of another riot. Dirk had yet againMeat tranquilized him to end the match, and has apparently been doing soMeat all week. Jane expresses concern for Jake as he is audibly and physically subjected to the chaos in the stadium, and he yells over the phone his appreciation for her calling him with no ulterior motive! Jake laments how often he has been commercialized lately, and Jane sympathizes. She says she wants to give him the very best and invites him to visit her that evening.

She eventually won the presidential election for Earth C.

Shortly after John selects candy and brings Gamzee Makara to Earth C, Jane receives an abrupt phone call from Dirk Strider wherein he orders her to cancel everything. Jane is understandably shocked by this uncharacteristic behavior from Dirk and tries to ask if he's okay, but he brushes all her questions off and hangs up on her.

She later bribed the government so that she could do whatever she wanted, essentially controlling everything without actually being the president.

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Jane, Roxy, Calliope, and Jade appear dressed as Ghostbusters chasing the two Nannasprites for Halloween. Later, Jane is running late to a dinner with Roxy and Calliope when her transportalizer is hacked. She winds up on the moon, which is about to be decimated by the carapacian kingdom. As Roxy and Callie go to rescue her, Jack Noir shows up with Biscuits' oven. Jane quickly subdues Jack and pushes the rest of the Felt back into the oven.

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Paradox Space Edit

A Fun Day for GcatPXS icon

Jane is walking in the door to her room and removing her backpack when she notices a large pile under her bedsheets, which God Cat is laying on top of. Jane cautiously uncovers it and is frustrated to find several dead animals and random objects.

Ace Sleuth JanePXS icon

Jane is using a magnifying glass to investigate the crumb-laden plate where her sandwich used to be. She carefully places the crumbs in an evidence bag labeled A, surrounds the plate with caution tape and encourages people to move along with a megaphone, and interviews GCat for "Just the facts, ma'am." She then seems frustrated when Dirk walks into the room both revealing he did it and criticizing her detective bit.

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Namco High Edit

Jane is a transfer student at Namco High. She is stuck in detention due to a prank she had pulled. 

Jane is the editor of the Namcho High School newspaper. She has written articles such as 'Mustaches are Totally Hot,' a claim which she still holds. Her skepticism is at an all time high. Her friends, Terezi and Davesprite, are refered to as "cosplay enthusiasts." 

Jane asks the MC if he would enjoy going through with a plan to sneak out of detention. If MC accepts, they both sneak out with ease. Just in case, Jane supplies fake mustaches to work as a disguise. However, two hall monitors and King show up to interfere. In retaliation, Jane pulls out her trusty red spoon, and tries to fight them off. She succeeds, and they both run to the library to meet up with Terezi. Jane latches onto Terezi's horns in attempt to yank them off (and prove it's a cosplay), but to no avail. She shrugs it off, believing it is "cosplay glue" that is holding it together. Terezi, offended by this embarrassing display, pulls out her cane and spares with Jane. King interrupts the strife, and declares that MC and Jane now have double detention.

Jane asks MC if they would like to have a rooftop dinner. If MC accepts, he will be witnessed to the most romantic evening of his ENTIRE LIFE. Jane bakes a cake for MC, and explains her captchalogue system of MC. MC finds is extremely bizarre that Jane considers everything that she does is "normal," while anything else simply "doesn't make sense."

The next day, PAC-MAN HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY EVIL NAMCO HIGH!!! MC gets Jane to try and save Pac-Man, but a projectile attack comes throttling towards them, killing them both. However, MC and Jane are suddenly alive, with Jane now god-tier. Jane explains that using her Life powers, she was able to revive MC. They both proceed to kick Evil Namco High's ass, in what was perhaps the greatest battle that never happened in Paradox Space.

Jane reveals that she now realizes that there maybe something strange going on with the school. Jane and MC agree to investigate the school's mysteries.

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