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Jasprosesprite^2 is both the sprite of Rose Lalonde and Roxy Lalonde in the post-retcon timeline of Homestuck. She has been prototyped twice: from the corpse of Rose and from Jaspersprite, both from the previous timeline. However, she herself states that she appears to have gained access to the memories of several other doomed versions of Rose and Jaspers.


Rosesprite is prototyped by Jaspersprite from the corpse of pre-retcon Rose, who had previously been buried on the Land of Wind and Shade by Roxy. She then went to the players' victory platform along with Jaspersprite, where she met many other characters, including her own post-retcon version. While talking to Rose, Rosesprite notes that she is now the Subordinate Rose. She later volunteers to set up portals around the incipisphere.

When Jaspersprite gets excited about seeing everybody happy after Jane woke up, he decides to hug Rosesprite, resulting in their merging and the creation of Jasprosesprite^2. She starts talking non-stop, to the shock of everyone still on the platform at the time, and then goes to various planets to see what everyone else is up to. She returns to the platform to bring Jane to her own planet so that she can meet her pre-scratch self, Nannasprite. Jasprose then goes to the Land of Mounds and Xenon to prototype Nepeta's head into Jake's kernelsprite, creating Nepetasprite. They go on a brief Alice in Wonderland-themed date using the fridge with Gamzee inside as a table. She freaks out when Nepetasprite combines with Davesprite, forming Davepetasprite^2. After this, they take up a conversation that ends when Davepetasprite^2 flies off to catch up with Arquiusprite.

She appears at some points of Collide helping Jane and Nannaprite travel through her portals, as well as battling the Condesce. She is later seen hanging out with Gcatavrosprite and some Consorts on Derse and probably lives on Earth C by then.

Personality and traits[]

Jasprosesprite^2 has claws, cat ears, a feline mouth, and facial tentacles gained from Jaspersprite while having the body of Derse Dreamer Rose. Unlike most sprites, Jasprose has the unique traits of a "sprite^2": a constantly fluctuating color scheme, a glowing aura outside of a transparent aura, and defined legs. The legs may, in a sense, be the functional result of two tails from two different sprites. Just like Davepeta, Jasprose wears an outfit that is mostly the dream self clothes of one of her components (Rose, in this case), except with Rose's Light symbol incorporated into the Derse moon, and Jaspersprite's Eldritch Princess hat. This was originally speculated to be a reference to the fact that Rose was the princess of Derse, a purple-themed planet closely related to the horrorterrors, while Jaspersprite's prototyping involved a purple eldritch puppet dressed as a princess, but it now appears that dream self outfits are the norm for squaredsprites. Not to mention, Jaspers was prototyped along with the stuffed squiddle princess, so that is the exact origin of the Eldritch Princess hat.

Jasprosesprite is extremely communicative and frank, stating that cats don't have any reason to disguise their thoughts. She blurts out everything she is thinking (much like people in Trickster Mode), something Rose, who is one of her components, would never do. Jasprose has a tendency to give strange comments about people and appears to be very sensual: she deliberately called Jane John's hot mom in a similar way Dave did earlier on, stated that she is sexually appealing and called her cookietits, called Jake unintelligent, and stated that Dirk has pretty pretty legs. She is also quite narcissisticHS.svg due to the fact that Jaspers' love for Rose manifests itself in a particularly acute form of narcissism. Davepeta also mentioned that being merged with a cat made the combination hella smugger! She tends to use cat-orientated similes and metaphors: sink our claws into the expensive upholstery of that problem, before we all start skittering across the great laminated floor of combat, like a stray toy some idiot chased under the fridge!.


Rose Lalonde[]

Jasprose's relation to Rose is one of quite ill content on the latter's part. Jasprose irritates Rose to say the least. The first time she began talking nonstop it got on Rose's nerves in record time, and she retreated underneath a velvet pillow until further noticeHS.svg .

Roxy Lalonde[]

Roxy is Jasprose's Mother figure/partial owner. They are much more receptive to Jasprose's shenanigans than Rose, not that Jasprose seems to differentiate between the treatments.


Jasprose had a huge crush on Nepeta. The flushed feelings probably originally came from Jaspers, but in a conversation with Davepeta, Jasprose says both halves of her wanted to have a relationship with her. one of the new things that opened up to me was... The idea that I didn't have to be alone anymore. ... that there was someone perfect waiting for me to bring her back.


Davepetasprite is more like a sibling than anything else. They are both the only sprites^2, and therefore share a bond. Jasprose wasn't at all enthusiastic when Davepeta was formed, though, which had never happened before. At first, she called them Dave, since the Dave part of you is sort of the fly in the ointment here, so when I look at you, that tends to be who I see. She warmed up to them after this, however, and was much friendlier. She still doesn't act nearly as exuberant around them as everyone else.


  • Her main text is in purple while her name is pink, highlighting the fact that each sprite combined to make Jasprosesprite^2 was a different color.
  • When she is introducedHS.svg, she says a phrase similar to two other sprites, of which one is her brother.
  • She is the first sprite shown to have been prototyped with another sprite, with the possible exception of Caliborn/Calliope's kernelsprite(s). She is also the first triple/quadruple prototyped sprite, being a mix of Eldritch Princess plush, Jaspers, Rose, and Jaspersprite.
  • It is probable she retained her Seer of Light powers. It is unknown if the Eldritch Princess plush part of the sprite will have an effect on those, as Rose's powers were affected by the horrorterrors.
  • Though Jasperose is made from the female Rose and male Jasper she chooses to use she/her pronouns.
  • She (in color scheme, personality, thisHS.svg, tendency to rhyme on rare occasions) strongly resembles the Cheshire Cat. This was noted by Roxy when she referred to her as the hilarious cheshire cat rose.
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