For the pre-scratch version of this character, see Kankri Vantas.

Few knew the name of Karkat Vantas' ancestor, presuming quite reasonably he had noneHS, so he was called the Signless for his lack of a sign. He was also sometimes known as the Sufferer.


The Signless' meteor landed in the brooding caverns. Due to his mutant blood he was unable to receive a lusus or sign after his trials, however; so the Dolorosa took him to the surface, where he was wander the world alone for many sweeps, concealing the color of his blood to avoid certain execution.HS

Possibly due to his mutation, the Signless began to have visions of his world before the fall, which inspired him to preach forgiveness, compassion, and equality among all bloodlines to the Alternian masses. The Highbloods opposed his teachings, and a war between the Signless' followers and opponents subsequently spread throughout the galaxy.

Among the Signless' most trusted followersHS were the Dolorosa, the Ψiioniic, who was inspired to free himself from slavery by the Signless' teachings, and the Disciple, who was his most devoted follower, recording his scripture and ultimately entering a relationship with him which went beyond the four quadrants, transcending the grid entirely. Whatever that nonsense actually means.

The Signless was eventually caught and executed by the highbloodsHS: the Disciple was to be killed alongside him, but was spared at the last minuteHS by the E%ecutor, who took pity on her. The Dolorosa and the Ψiioniic were then sold into slavery.

In Paradox Space (Dubiously Canon)Edit

In Suffering Through/For the PeoplePXS icon the adult Signless preaches that he doesn't think one can, quote, "do a genocide," unquote [...] ...quote, "as a joke," unquote and that a good leader doesn't need constant validation from their followers. An indigoblood attempts to infiltrate his sermon; however the gathering takes a break when the Ψiioniic begins to fire lasers into the crowd.

In Mother & GrubPXS icon, the Dolorosa fends off various monsters attempting to take an infant Signless for themselves, including a crocodile with six eyes with red or brown blood, a green blooded lion with two mouths, and a large bird of prey. After being struck with a coconut, the bird drops the Signless into the back of a laden cart driven by a blue blood and a green blood, who consider selling him to paint mixers, food processors or skinners before the Dolorosa takes him back and burns their cart.

In Secret SuffererPXS icon, Terezi Pyrope and Kanaya Maryam tell the human inhabitants of the ectobiology meteor of a tradition called S3CR3T SUFF3R3R, derived from the story of the Sufferer: the story goes that after the E%ecutor let the Disciple live she continued to teach the Sufferer's lessons in secret, and The Sufferer's Followers Would Routinely And Anonymously Send Dangerous And Threatening Gifts To The Highbloods As A Way To Remind Them That The Sufferer's Lessons Were Still Being Taught. This evolved into a tradition of 12th Perigee's Eve gift-giving among young trolls. This story references the real-life Jesus' connection to the Christmas holiday, during which Secret Sufferer was published.

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