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Karkat's hive, along with Sollux's hive, seem to be the only hives surrounded by other trolls. The exterior sports the typical grey walls and 12 paned windows. He has many pieces of red cloth that seem to match his blood color decorating the outside and the windows glow in a warm orange. His hive would be the Alternian equivalent to John's house in a suburban type neighborhood.

After entering the Medium, Karkat's hive is transported to the Land of Pulse and Haze. His server player, Terezi, adds parts to the structure and covers it in colorful graffiti. It was ultimately destroyed alongside Karkat's whole planet during Jack Noir's rampage.



Karkat's Respiteblock is a location in Homestuck's mirror, Hivebent, and the first Respiteblock to be shown.

The room itself is plain grey and the walls are decorated with various posters that reflect Karkat's interest in ridiculously terrible brilliant romantic movies and romcoms as well as a Trollian poster on the door. The door handle is a crab colored grey. The movie posters include Hitch starring Troll Will Smith, 50 First Dates starring Troll Adam Sandler, and Serendipity starring Troll John Cusack. The posters are covered in text because thousands of years of troll filmmaking has used up all film titles less than 20 words, and it takes many paragraphs to write a film's full title.

Karkat has a large purple Recuperacoon and a chest of drawers on which he leaves his sickle and ~ATH manual. The computer station is a grey desk with a purple monitor on top and a modem underneath. The monitor has a crab symbol in it colored green, similiar to the color of sopor slime.There is also an issue of Game Grub magazine and The Thresh Prince of Bel-Air DVD on the desk.

The room has been at least partly destroyed: first due to Karkat's double card vault crashing through the floor, then by his computer exploding and taking out one wall.



Karkat hive terezi drawing rotated.png
  • One of Terezi's wall paintings on the hive seems to depict a blue hand sticking out of a panelled window, similar to how John uses the the treasure juju later on.
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