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After intruding on Karkat's dream self and watching him sleep you follow him to his hive on Alternia. He asks what the ever flying fuck you are doing in his room and you zap the fuck outta there. He eventually discovers your blood color one way or another in your array of 2 different dialogue choices. He freaks upon finding another mutant with crimson colored blood, and suggest you guys hide in a secret hole in the ground under his house in the most platonic way imaginable. To get the best ending, you have to flee out of the hole and zap Karkat to earth in Dave's apartment in Texas. He and John are there playing Tony Hawk.

In The Homestuck Epilogues Edit

From the reader's point of view, Karkat's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where his Canon biography ended.

Shortly after John leaves, we see Dave and Karkat sitting at their home in the Troll Kingdom watching tv. Dave sees the announcement about Jane running for president, and shows Karkat. Dave goes on to elaborate how Jane will be detrimental to the economy (frequently invoking Obama's untapped potential) and the troll race's rights. Though Karkat hesitates to put himself back in a leadership role, Dave convinces him to run for the presidency in competition with Jane. The two of them talk about rounding up endorsements from their friends and Dave receives a surprise phone call from Dirk just as they begin to discuss Jake's key role in those endorsements. Dirk very quickly makes yet another beheading joke, and Karkat decides to proceed with FUCKING LEAVING the room.

Karkat becomes the leader of the troll rebellion going against Jane xenophobic presidency. He apparently has a eye patch and a cool costume too.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon Edit

Karkat first appearsHS2 in Chapter 3, How Are Your Feelings, aboard Jake's ship with Dave, Kanaya, Alt-Calliope (posessing the body of Jade), and Roxy. Alt-Callie frightens him and Dave awake in the middle of the night, and, unable to go back to sleep, they traipse into the kitchen for some coffee. After Dave leaves to talk to Kanaya, Karkat airs out some of his anxieties rearding the former to Roxy. This quickly spirals into him worrying about everyone on board, and lamenting his perceived failure as a leader. He feels unworthy of the sympathy he's been receiving, wondering aloud why he seems not to have had to deal with the same problems as everyone else. Eventually, Roxy offers him pancakes, which he accepts.

Karkat reappearsHS2 in Chapter 7, Distress Call from the Closet, as Commander Vantas of the Troll Rebellion. He and Meenah discuss Gamzee's death, and the fact that Vriska has returned to the narrative. Seeking to further sway public opinion in his favour, he contacts John. After learning about his son's actions, John grows estatic and tells Karkat he knows how the Rebellion can win.

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MSPA Snapchat Edit

Karkat is seen wearing a yellow shirt as an attempt to cosplay Geromy to match Dave and Dirk dressed as Hella Jeff and Sweet Bro.

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