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Lancekind is Tavros Nitram's Strife Specibus. Lances are used mostly for jousting. The Black Queen of the troll session uses lances, but does not use strife specibi. Presumably, the average session's Black Queen uses lances as well, but the kids' Queen switched to swords after the Seppucrow-prototyping.



This smaller version of Tavros' lance is used primary for his flarping sessions. Before being crippled, he used this daggerlance to attack his enemies much like a dagger would. It was lighter and more suited to the previously-nimble Tavros. You wield an inexpensive daggerlance, which is the closest thing to a jousting lance you can wield that is still compatible with your favorite class [Boy-Skylark].

Jousting Lance[]


He uses this lance while riding on his wheelchair. He has set up outside his hive a jousting ground. It is clear that he practices his jousting abilities often, by the worn out grass around the wooden target. He does not use this weapon often as he communes with the beasts that come to attack him instead.



The Fiduspear was first seen in "Make Her Pay"HS.svg and last in Collide. We see Tavros riding on a larger Horsaroni and prepared to fight anything that comes his way with his new lance. He most likely alchemized his lance and one of the used plush dolls to make this lance. A lance made out of plushes makes little practical sense, and how it holds up against monsters is unknown.

Cigarette Holder Lance[]


A black and white lance Tavros stored in a chest in the ectobiology lab and wielded before death. Identical to Snowman's cigarette holder lance, as seen in the intermission, and likely an alchemized copy of it or possibly the same lance that may have switched hands via time shenanigans.