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The Land of Brains and Fire, abbreviated as LOBAF, is Sollux Captor's planet in the Medium. It has a landscape made of brains. It is notable for being completely hilarious, and a little creepy—mainly because of the floating brains which inhabit it. These brains may be a reference to Boltzmann Brains, hypothetical self aware entities which arise due to random fluctuations out of a state of chaos, outnumbering any other form of conscious being. This planet's Underlings are of a bright pink or purple color.

Sollux died as he was entering due to Gl'bgolyb's Vast Glub. This prompted Feferi Peixes to rush through her own planet in order to revive Sollux. Sollux's Dersite dream self took over, and the two began exploring the planet. Later, Eridan Ampora dueled Sollux here.

Part of this land seems to have been inspired by Earthbound's final boss area and its environs, known as "The Devil's Machine". Eridan and Sollux notably dueled in front of it.

LOBAF was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

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