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The Land of Dew and Glass, abbreviated as LODAG, is Feferi Peixes' planet in the Medium. Her underwater castle is situated within a gigantic fish bowl with the first gate just out of reach. The rest of the world is covered in tall grass, dotted with colorful glass ornaments or sculptures emerging from the ground. The sky appears to be some sort of fluorescent shell-themed pattern, but made of glass as by Dale Chihuly.

Feferi quickly left her planet after she arrived in order to save Sollux, who had been killed by her lusus' Vast Glub. LODAG was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

It is possible that the Denizen of this planet is Hemera. Jane was confirmed to be the Maid of Life, so it is likely that Feferi (as the Witch of Life) would have Hemera as her denizen. This would be in accordance with how Rose and Vriska (the Heroes of Light) and Jade and Kanaya (the Heroes of Space) both shared Cetus and Echidna as their denizens, respectively.

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