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The Land of Heat and Clockwork, abbreviated as LOHAC, is Dave Strider's planet in The Medium. He got there after his Cruxite Egg was hatched by his seppucrowsprite. Dave's apartment remained atop its highrise, though the floors below his were replaced with a steel framework.

WV's LOHAC icon.png

The Land of Heat and Clockwork corresponds to the third planet in Can Town. After WV is locked inside his Sburb base, his drawing of the planet is slit in two. The significance of this is that the scratch appeared in LOHAC on the Beat Mesa. The scratch on Beat Mesa corresponds to the scratch through planet 3.

Terrain and Inhabitants[]


The land is characterized by steel framework, spinning cogs, and lots of lava. The Beat Mesa, the device that can activate the Scratch, floats over the oceans of lava.

There are also some golden crocodile temples on the planet, potentially made from Amber.

The native inhabitants of LOHAC are Dave's crocodile consorts. Dave has also encountered many enemies here: Amber Imps, Rust Imps, Basilisks, Sulfur Ogres, and a Ruby Giclops.


The Land of Heat and Clockwork

Bro and Jack Noir had their first duel on LOHAC at the Beat Mesa at some point. The planet is also the resting place of the legendary sword (or Legendary Piece of Shit as Dave calls it) Caledfwlch, a weapon that the planet's denizen, Hephaestus, is obsessed with. However, other than the Caledfwlch the planet itself does not seem to be under any of the same denizen-caused duress seen on the other planets. Whether this means Hephaestus's influence on LOHAC is minimal, or that Dave skipped his planet's quests, is unclear.

Dave entered his First Gate around the same time that the Reckoning started. He met his crocodile consorts, who began cooking him with vegetables for whatever reason. Soon Dave began his manipulation of the LOHAC Stock Exchange (LOHACSE), which is, as the name implies, a stock exchange system on the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Through the use of time travel, Dave gained a complete monopoly on the stock exchange and gained over a septillion Boondollars. Dave later states that he is uncertain of the eventual fate of the Stock Exchange after he ransacked it.

LOHACSE, stock exchange at its finest.

Later Rose arrived at the planet with her complacency to prepare for the scratch, of which she did not yet know the true nature. She soon left to get revenge on Jack Noir for murdering her Mom. John came to the planet soon afterwards with her needlekind strife specibus in order to initiate the scratch.

Jade shrinks the planet, along with the others, with her god tier powers and takes them beyond the reach of the scratch. She has since put it into orbit in the Beta kid's session.

The planet suffered serious damage in its collision with LOCAH in the battle between the Condesce and Aranea Serket. As of the new timeline, LOHAC seems to be in its regular state.

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