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The Land of Light and Rain, abbreviated as LOLAR, is Rose Lalonde's planet in The Medium. Rose's house is located on a large island. While the mausoleum was destroyed by an explosion, the secret passage beneath it remains.

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It now leads to a dock, from which Mom left. On one island, where Mom docks her boat and John later flies to, there are purple-colored ruins, containing at least one powerful enemy and a transportalizer leading to the ectobiology lab located in The Veil. The Land of Light and Rain corresponds to the second planet in Can Town.


The Land of Light and Rain

As far as can be seen, it is an endless ocean of magenta, cyan, and yellow water, dotted with many yellow rainclouds. There are a few islands, covered in white sand (possibly Rose's associated item, chalk, much as John's world is covered in oil).


This planet is home to Rose's Pink Turtle consorts. Chalk Imps, Marble Imps, Lime Ogres, and Caulk Liches have appeared on the Land, but so far Rose has easily defeated each one she has encountered. The majority of these underlings are colored white, in following with the elemental theme.


LOLAR temple.gif

Jaspersprite revealed that the ocean was once full of fish, but they have since been eaten by the Denizen of the planet, which is now sleeping. Curiously, the meteor that carried Rose to Earth as a baby also destroyed all aquatic life in a nearby lake.

John arrived at the planet soon after Rose entered, but finding her asleep, left to explore the planet. He shortly left the planet via transportalizer to the Veil. Rose destroyed her First Gate soon afterwards, and left her house's island to explore on her own. Rose dismantled a large Turtle building, finding inside what appears to be a large Captchalogue Card for the Green Sun. She later found a crystal ball and studied Turtle books in some sort of library. She soon left the planet.

Jade shrinks the planet, along with the others, with her god tier powers and takes them beyond the reach of the scratch. After arriving in the new session, LOLAR and the other planets of the Beta kids were placed into orbit around Skaia.

During Aranea's battle with the Condesce, Aranea used her proxy abilities to launch LOLAR at LOFAF, where they were fighting, destroying the Condesce's ship and severely damaging both planets.


  • The land's color scheme is based on the CMYK color model.
  • The planet is called the Land of Light and Rain, the two factors needed to create a rainbow. This may be a reference to the planet's colorful waters, Rose's associated classical element as well as her associated color (since purple is at the end of the rainbow), the trolls' hemospectrum, and the fact that Rose is gay.
  • The letters in LOLAR can be rearranged to form RO-LAL, an abbreviation that is usedHS.svg to refer to Rose's mother, Roxy Lalonde.
  • Parts of Rose's original quest on LOLAR were said to have included her "Learning to Play the Rain" and "[...]breed lilacs out of the dead land."
  • The image used for LOLAR is an edited version of this image of Venus.

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